7 Dec

More yummy Korean eats!

Our group met again last Wednesday. I missed the last session because I was in Thailand. One of the American mom’s walked everyone through a delicious baked ziti recipe. Apparently, the Korean mom’s loved and it and went right home and made it for their families!

This recipe was so delicious, but I don’t see myself ever making it at home because while it’s simple, there is a ton of prep, including drying/rehydrating, chopping, and cooking ingredients separately, as well as weird-ingredient hunting. Anyone know where to find a good fern-brake? Me either.


It was fun to watch these pros go to work! They chop and dice so much that they look like they should be in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen. Although, there was no swearing, so maybe not.

All I could think as we sauteed each individual ingredient was how I am all about the one-dish wonder recipes. If you can manage to get all food groups into one 9×13 pan, you are Mom of the Year in my book. This dish puts those mom’s in the cheap seats. Sure, I can make this dish one day. But that’s all I’m going to do for that entire day.

It’s art, right? Everything was so beautifully arranged! But that didn’t stop me from digging into it with a vengeance.


One of the mom’s also brought kimchi for us each to take home! I love kimchi, but a lot of westerners don’t, as it’s super spicy. I found that I loved to put a piece of kimchi on a bite of bibimbop. I had to ask if that was normal, like meat and potatoes, or not-so-normal, like meat and jam. (“Goood.” – Joey)


I could totally eat Korean food regularly, but sadly, it has a deal-breaker for me.

Fruit for dessert.



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