Buhay Sports MS volleyball tournament!

13 Nov

Since we took over the middle school volleyball program (I feel like there should be Joey quotations around “program”), we’ve hosted an end-of-season tournament. It’s always fun because it’s at home and it’s with fun, competitive teams.


We were seeded second in pool play, but we ended up rocking it in elimination and won the entire thing! It was so exciting.

At some point during the day, I realized that Mackenzie and Bella won’t play on the same team again until maybe Mackenzie’s senior year when Bella is a freshman!!! That made me a little sad, but thankful that Bella got to play this year even though she’s only in 5th grade!

She’s been working on her overhand serve all season and it really kicked in by the last tournament.


I missed the actual moment of their last point celebration, so I asked them to reenact it for me. Thanks Bella!



My baby girl took home the MVP trophy! Josh made the officials select the MVP so that it was an objective decision, because let’s be honest, our kids are ALWAYS the most valuable player to us, right? She really played well and I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to coach her in high school next year!



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