Kenzie’s Stuff

18 Dec

Our 8th grader loves it all! The good, the bad, the fun, the ugly, everything that comes with being 13–she handles it like a champ! Better than I ever did, that’s for sure.


Her middle school Christmas banquet just happened and she looked beautiful. She usually wants to buy something new for banquets, but when two high school girls borrowed dresses of mine for their banquet, Kenz must have decided that shopping in my closet was a-ok!


She’s so lovely. That morning, she knocked out 22 pts in the JV basketball game! They didn’t have enough high-schoolers try out for basketball, so they let four 8th graders play up. She’s realizing that being the closest to rim has a lot of advantages!


Her English class put on a casual performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I may have leaned over and told my friend that I wish this WAS a dream, as that would mean I was napping.

It was challenging for them to memorize their parts, because they didn’t totally know what they were saying. Since they didn’t totally know what they were saying, they didn’t really know how to deliver the lines. On top of that, for some of the kids, English isn’t their first language, and definitely not olde English, so it was challenging for all. But Mackenzie rocked her performance! She was a fairy…..or a vixen….or a witch? I never really figured it out.


She is Simeon’s best friend. Literally, that’s what he calls her. This morning, he came in and said, “Best Friend won’t let me have any toast.” It’s pretty cute and sweet.


I love this girl! I can’t believe that she’s halfway through her 8th grade year and then she’ll be in HIGH SCHOOL!


I’d better go make some Christmas cookies with her stat. Christmas 2021 will here before I know it!


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