Back to School Stuff

9 Jan

We survived another Christmas break! Now everybody is back to school, only this time, I’M JOINING THEM! Faith was desperate, and I mean desperate, for a HS boys PE teacher. So I am officially on the FA staff now! I’ve never taught a day in my life, so why not start with freshman boys??? Thankfully, Josh coaches a bunch of them in basketball so they know that if they mess with the bull, they’re gonna get the horns!

So far, it’s going well. The first unit is volleyball, which is such a blessing from God because I could teach that in my sleep, and instead I can focus on all the other stuff. Let me tell you, for teaching only one class, there is a lot of “other stuff!” I feel so old because I have to ask my 13 year old to walk me through all the different Google apps! I’m so glad I’m being forced to learn it all though, because I can tell that it’s all around me and I was starting to feel left in the dust!

What ever happened to “If you can climb this rope, you get an A?”! Next week, I have to download something off youtube, pair my phone to the bluetooth speaker, and run an interval workout, then plug all the info into my Google drive?!? Can’t we just do the parachute to the tune of It’s a Small World?

Like I said, I can fool the boys into thinking I have a clue what I’m doing because we’re doing the volleyball unit. The next two units? Badminton and Team Handball. I’d better brush off the old shuttlecock and learn the deets!

Is it Spring Break yet?!


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