Temp Single-mom stuf

23 Jan

Josh just returned from his yearly trip to Australia for the Baptist Basketball Carnival. We survived! I survived! In some ways, I actually get more accomplished when he’s gone. It’s like I know that I’m the only one who can do the stuff, so I just get it done rather than waiting for someone else to do it.

…and that is the only positive about him being gone!

Before he left, we wanted to do an extra-special date night, so we went to a nearby spa. It was recommended to us, and it was nice, but I felt like we didn’t get to enjoy it to its fullest. For one, we went at night and it was too chilly to enjoy any of the hydrotherapy pools. (It’s hard to believe that the Philippines can ever be chilly!) The cold ones were to cold and the hot tub wasn’t hot enough!


The view during the meal was gorgeous!


After the meal, we had a chocolate body scrub. The therapist scrubbed us down with what smelled like chocolate brownie batter and then wrapped us in warm banana leaves to let it work its magic for 20 minutes. I may or may not have licked my shoulder just to see if it tasted like brownies. It didn’t.

After that, we hit the sauna and explored the spa. It’s all open air and built into the side of a mountain. It’s really beautiful, but just too cold for us to enjoy it all. We did enjoy the fish spa, where the little fish feed on our dead skin–ew.


The best part of the night was the hour long massage, of course. It was the perfect way to finish off our spa night!

Then he left for 10 days, so I was on my own for all the pickups, dropoffs, packing, unpacking, reminding, disciplining, feeding, etc etc etc ETC! Needless to say, I didn’t take the time to snap many photos.

The boys basketball team had a Retro Night fund raiser, so we all spent our Friday night in the gym with the rest of the community. It was a lot of fun and kept my kids entertained!


The next morning was the last day of Saturday soccer. The weather has been gorgeous for the last few weeks! I could sit in my chair in the shade all day long in the weather we’ve been having!

I don’t remember how any of my kids’ teams finished, but like I tell the kids…”Who cares? It’s just soccer.”


When Josh got home, arms full of Aussie goodies, everything felt normal again! We’ve settled back into life and are so happy to be 7 in our house again!


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