Basketball and Talent Night stuff

18 Feb

I’m not sure why, but I’ve lost a lot of motivation to blog these days, but the other day, Mackenzie sat here and just poured over old posts and pictures, so that rekindled my inspiration!

At the end of January, we had a big weekend for everyone! Josh coached in the big school tournament, Mackenzie played in it, and Bella and Caleb were both in Talent Night in the evening.

Mackenzie’s team did amazing and were the only Faith team to win their championship! It was pretty exciting and so fun for everyone.

These are the other 8th graders who were bumped up to the JV team this season.


The excitement doesn’t end there for Mackenzie in basketball. She was invited to go to Thailand with the girls varsity team this week for the ACSC tournament! She only got one week of practice and three games with them, but she’s learned the offenses and defenses and is thrilled for the opportunity! (I’m thrilled that she can bring mommy home some Thai tea.)

Talent Night was also a huge success! Caleb and his class performed a song, and nothing on this earth is as cute as kindergarteners singing their little hearts out!


Bella and two of her friends came up with a skit that was inspired from a skit they saw on Youtube. They coerced their 5th grade teacher to joined them. It went so well! It’s basically just the teacher asking questions and the girls giving witty and smart alec responses. They nailed every line and I was so proud of them!



And to sign off, here’s a sleepytime pic of Sim



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