Boracay Stuff

30 Mar

We just returned from our happy place! We spent 5 days on the island of Boracay, enjoying perfect weather, delicious food, and the best part is that we were with friends! Our friends own a residence down there and they invited us to join them for the week. Needless to say, we were all giddy on the flight!


On a unique sidenote, one of our friends was flying the plane! Not only did he deliver us to the island with a great flight, he had the flight attendants hook us up with free food and presents for the kids! I, of course, chose Korean noodles and Coke Light.

After a 45 min flight, we took a van to the jetty port for a 15 min boat ride to Boracay.


Probably the most unique and fun part of the vacation was that my friend is good friends with the manager of the 5-stariest resort on the island, and he let us go hang out there everyday! It was so much fun. They are all about the little things that make your day. Whilst sunbathing, a man will come by with an Evian spray bottle and mist our face while his buddy hands you cucumbers for your eyes and orange slices for your cheeks! On top of that, they are constantly handing us free food!


Meanwhile, the kids are in the hot tub with their own snacks and lemonade!


Eating with my toes in the sand….it’s been a favorite since my childhood!


The first morning, after the Jayhawk win, we headed down the island for my favorite breakfast, The Sunny-Side Cafe. Why they haven’t started a branch in Manila, I’ll never know. This is brioche french toast with mango and chantilly cream with a flat white.


We had two other family friends staying on the island as well, so we all went in on a boat together and sailed to a nearby island for some cliff-jumping!


All of us except Sim and Josh jumped from the various heights ranging from 3M to 10M


This is me going off the 10m highdive.  I screamed the whole way down! The next day, my neck and jaw muscles were sore, so I’m guessing I clenched my jaw pretty hard too!


I only went twice, but the kids just kept jumping and jumping and jumping! They were so tired that night!


Even Caleb was good for a 3 M jump!


Thankfully, we ate at a favorite Indian restaurant where you sit on pillows on the floor, so Sim slept right through dinner!


The highlight of the next day was the authentic Italian restaurant found way off the beach on some back roads. It’s run by this nice Italian man who makes his own ravioli, all from Italian supplies. It really was fantastic!



What is quickly becoming an amazing tradition is the sunset paraw ride!


After that last gorgeous sunset, I realized that we hadn’t taken any family photos yet! So the next day, while we waited for our Jonah’s shakes, we snapped a quick photo. We don’t match, we’re squinting and flashing gang signs (Sim), but it’s a great background, no?


Then it was time for the boat ride back!  Don’t let the smiles fool you, we were not into leaving!


….especially Sim.


After the boat ride, the van ride, the plane ride, and the car ride, he burst into tears when he saw our condo. He wanted to stay at the beach!

…and I don’t blame him!


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