Staff Banquet Stuff

11 May

Teaching freshman boys PE was my ticket to the staff banquet this year! It was themed An Evening With the Stars, the “stars” being those who have worked at Faith 5,10,15…60 years, as well as those going on furlough or leaving the field. (Nobody bothered to honor my 5 months of teaching one class, hmphf!)

It was a fun evening (with air conditioning being the main “star” if you ask me), getting dressed up and hanging with friends.

This selfie couldn’t handle this much awesome in one picture, hence the blurriness. It’s the only logical explanation…


My assistant coach is leaving! I’m convinced that she’s the only person in the world who can successfully navigate Mackenzie and I through mother/daughter-coach/player dynamics. Clearly the Lord has someone else in mind and we’re praying daily that this miracle-worker will make his/her presence known soon!



It’s always a treat to hang out with one of life’s best people. I’ve known Jen since 1st grade and I squealed when I walked into the banquet and saw that she was wearing (nay, ROCKING) her bridesmaid dress from my wedding!


See how she has to stand on a platform to be about the same height as me? Those are some 5″ heels, bringing me to 6’3″! The funniest part is that these came in a box of donations to another missionary whose ministry is in one of the poorest areas of the city! I bought them off her so that they could get more use out of funds rather than 5″ size 10 heels! I’m still shorter than my favorite though!


Here is my 5:30 am crew!


We always take pics outside of the gym, so we decided that we should prove that we actually are working hard in the mornings!


The two girls on the right (one of them being the workout planner) are both leaving, and the two of us on left are nervous that we won’t be motivated enough to keep up the workouts, especially bc we are both teaching full-time next year! We always have good intentions, but y’know….life.



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