End of the Year Stuff

21 May

We have two weeks left in the school year, which means we have one week left of school and another week of straight class parties! Our Bible study of mom’s know that those last couple of weeks get crazy, so we made sure to do our wrap up girls night a couple of weeks ago.


Yay for discovering new and delicious restaurants! This was a sushi place, which is so fun to go to with a bunch of people because we each bought a different sushi roll and then shared and got to try all of the different flavors. My favorite was definitely the crunchy tuna roll. But the fanciest was this Dragon roll.



I liked it so much that I brought Josh there on date night the next week. He was a big fan too!

Josh nailed Mother’s Day this year!! He whisked me away to a hotel for the night and the next day, he left me at the hotel by myself, got me a late checkout, and he went home to care for the kids. It was amazing! The one thing I noticed right away was how quiet it was!

At check out time, he and the kids picked me up and took me to Chinatown for my favorite dumplings.


On top of all of the fresh dumplings that we ate, we bought 100 frozen ones to bring home. Here’s where the story goes downhill. The dumplings take up a lot of space in the freezer right? So Josh was looking for something in the freezer and took the dumplings out. When he found what he was looking for, he closed the freezer without putting the dumplings back. The next morning, we discovered them in all their thawed pork glory. To make matters worse, THIS IS THE SECOND TIME HE’S DONE THAT TO OUR FROZEN DUMPLINGS!!! I don’t even care about the p1000 financial loss ($20). I’m just annoyed that we don’t have dumplings ready to eat when the cravings hit!

Shifting gears….

I’m teaching CPR to my PE class, so I had to go find the mannequins and get them ready. Of course I waited until the night before, so I went into the dark closet at night by myself. This was the first thing I saw.


This was the second thing that I saw.


Creepy, right? You’d better believe I grabbed the CPR mannequins and took off, totally outrunning the creepy doll heads that were undoubtedly chasing me!




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