MS banquet stuff

25 May

Mackenzie had an almost-perfect FA day last Saturday by starting it with a championship basketball and ending with a school banquet and after-party. I say “almost” because they lost the championship.

After the basketball games, the girls and I went out to get our nails done for the big night. I think Bella was no match for the relaxation of it all. I even dozed a bit too!


We searched high and low around this city for a banquet dress that was in dress code for a 6′ girl that was also the right price.

It doesn’t exist.

Thankfully, Mackenzie decided to wear her choir dress from Lansing last year. However, she wanted to change the hemline in the front so it was short in the front, long in the back. I took it to our seamstress and $2 later, Mackenzie had a banquet dress!


She looked quite elegant, (and was only a little wobbly in my 4″wedges!) Mackenzie is as self-conscious about her height as her mom!

Of course, it helps when the guy we love the most in the world is always taller than us! He bought Mackenzie a corsage for the evening. (“Ah man, I wouldn’t have eaten breakfast if I knew there were corsages!” – Joey)





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