8th Grade Grad Stuff

4 Jun

School is out for another year! That last week was crazy busy with all of the parties and celebrations. On top of that, I still had to teach, give a final, and turn in their grades! In addition, our best friends are back in country for a couple of months, so that trumps all of the above.

Mackenzie and her class had an official Ceremony of Completion, where she won a sectional award for Choir, a Future President of the United States award in Social Studies (I told her I DON’T want her to be the Future POTUS!) and the Outstanding Student for PE! I especially loved that her variety of awards showed how well-rounded she is.

I had to duck out of the ceremony because I was on the committee for the reception afterwards. Working with a budget of zero pesos, we had to be creative in our food and decor! Thankfully, the 8th grade parents are awesome and stepped up with some delicious food. Our Korean parents especially nailed it with our favorites, mandu and kimbap!

Thankfully, the seniors had a reception the night before, so we got to piggyback on their decor.

Thankfully, our biggest problem was that the 0 balloon was actually a Q. But not a problem for us tall folks. We covered all the balloons!


We asked parents to bring photo booth props and items, but NO ONE DID! I made some signs, just to contribute, but they ended up being the only props!



Has anyone else realized that 2022 is just around the corner??? When Mackenzie started kindergarten, 2022 seemed like robots and flying cars. Here are some then and now’s.



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