End of an Era Trip!

23 Jun

So after 13 years together, our best friends are moving back the the US. None of us are quite ready to wrap our minds around life without them, so…we just aren’t. I’m sure it’s all kinds of healthy!

Before time got away from us, we wanted to have a beach getaway together as a last hurrah. Michele snagged an airbnb villa with a private beach! It was spectacular, made more so because it was cheaper than any hotel around!

It’s crazy to see all the kiddos together, because when our friendship started, it was just us adults and two little babies, Mackenzie and Abby!


Since the kids were hanging at the front of the boat, the bow I guess, Michele and I hung out at the back….er…..stern. We even spotted dolphins off the starboard side!


It was only after we docked and loaded up onto a jeepney that we learned that the bangka could’ve sailed right up onto our beach! Oh well. More memories!


Our villa was really, really amazing! It was in a mangrove cove, so it was shockingly calm for an ocean! In fact, we kept saying that it reminded us of a lake. This view doesn’t come without work though! To get down to the beach, we had to walk down 136 steps, which is fine until you have to go back up those 136 steps!


The only two who have been best friends as long as their parents!



The first night, we went to a nearby Italian restaurant with homemade pasta! It was a great night except that while we feasted, so did the mosquitoes!


Our days were spent in the ocean and on our private beach. It was just what we needed! The villa also had a free kayak to use, so they kids were always going in and out on that, and since it was so private and calm, it was easy to keep an eye on them from my tiny shady spot!

Michele and I would often just float around in rings, and as we were bobbing along, I saw something else bobbing along! The kids caught the jelly fish and then Bella kayaked it out into deeper ocean and set it free.


There were a few big geckos setting up housekeeping in various areas of the villa. This one would stare at me every night when I walked to my room. At first, I didn’t like seeing them because they’re so much bigger than our usual lizards, but by the end of the trip, I kind of got sad if I didn’t see him poking out of his hole.


Then I discovered that he’s married!


More beach fun!

We boated around the corner to one of our favorite haunts of past Puerto Galera trips together. The food was as great as ever, and the kids played in the ocean and sand until the last second!


I’m so sad that Mackenzie will start high school without her best friend living in the same condo building! Maybe they’ll go to college together and will live together once again!


Oops, we found Wilson!


I wanted a family pic all week, but of course, we couldn’t swing it until the very last moment! So here we are in our last set of clean clothes (if that)! Oh man, Kenzie is taking after her dad and wearing jerseys all the time!


We arrived at the villa on Father’s Day and left of Josh’s birthday, so he definitely had a fun week!



We learned our lesson and boarded our bangka back to the mainland right on our own beach!


The kids were a lot more exhausted on the boat ride back than when we first went!


My little island girl with her hair braids and ukulele


Since it was Josh’s birthday, we decided to let him choose somewhere fun to eat when we got back to the city. He took us to a Japanese restaurant that was delicious! They brought out a bowl of sesame seeds and a Japanese mortar and pestle for us to grind our own katsudon sauce! It was so so yummy. On top of that, the shredded cabbage salad was bottomless and the kids loved it, so we all chowed on that.


I hate that our best family friends won’t be by our side anymore, but if I can look forward to fun getaways like this one, I’ll be able to survive!




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