11 Jul

You know when you’ve just eaten salty food, so then you want sweet food? And when you’ve had sweet, you kind of want something salty?

Well that’s what our summer has looked like, trip-wise. We had already made plans to go to the mountains with some friends before we scheduled the time-sensitive end-of-an-era trip to the beach. Scheduling around ministry trips meant that we would need to hit the mountains just a few days after returning from the beach. So after the sandy, salty, sunny environment of the beach, I was so excited to go to the cool, crisp mountains!

We had a great drive up the mountain and immediately met up with our friends along with one of my former players who’s parents live there.


She took us to her uncle’s Korean restaurant, where we cooked samgyupsal, a first for this family. We loved it! The more Korean food I have, the more I love it!

Our first day out, we hit the horse trails of course.

This was our warm soup dinner in the gazebo outside our cottage.


Here are the two best friends getting ready for bed!


We did a lot of reading, puzzles, and chatting. At least, the adults did. The kids were out running around outside all day. There were a lot of other families there, so there were plenty of friends around!


Oh, and because of the above picture, the below picture was necessary.


We were so excited to see that they had redone the mini-golf course, so we had a blast doing that. I believe our family finished Josh, me, kenz, deacon, bella, caleb.


After mini-golf, we had a great picnic in the pine forest. It smelled so fresh and clean, so different than Manila! I loved hanging with my friend of about 30 years!




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