Trying my best to catch up!

2 Sep

Yikes, I’m averaging about one post a month! Life is pretty busy up in here, but I refuse to let Simeon have the blog version of the baby-of-the-family baby book!


A major highlight of the last month has been coaching Mackenzie! She’s finally on my varsity team and so far, it’s going great! She’s is gracefully navigating through having mom as coach, and for the most part, I am too! IMG_1964

One month in, and we’ve already had a huge highlight in beating a rival school who we haven’t beat in 7 years! It was such a fun night for all of us. (The girls are jumping up and down, which explains the blurriness!)


We were planning to have Caleb’s friends over for a birthday party, but there was massive flooding from a typhoon on his special day, so we ended up cancelling the party and just having close by friends over for a semi-party. He still had cake and presents and friends and games, so he was a happy party guy!

One of his presents was colored hair spray, so on the day of Bella’s cross country meet, Bella’s volleyball game, and Mackenzie’s volleyball game, we sprayed his hair blue. Number 1 fan!

Look at that jack-o-lantern smile!


After church one Sunday, we hit Chili’s for lunch. Deacon wanted to watch the Warriors game, so he brought his mug of soda over to the bar and sat there, nursing his drink and watching the game. It was comical.


Last weekend, I went to the High School Retreat with all of the high schoolers. It was exhausting and fun. Here is my homeroom. It’s so fun hanging out with these girls!


I made my team wake up at 6am for some volleyball practice! (don’t worry, all of the sports teams workout at retreat-its tradition!)

Volleyball-wise, it was a waste of time, but for team fun, it was priceless! This is a great group of girls and I love coaching them!



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