Spirit Week

23 Sep

I had to do a teacher self-evaluation last week, and I gave myself an “approaching standards” or a “meeting standards” on every single category, except for the one that talked about getting involved with student activities. I gave myself a big, fat “exceeding standards” on that, and this is why…


It was Spirit Week last week, and I was all-in, every day! When I say “all-in,” I mean, “ALL-IN” to the point where I crash-dieted (whilst teaching the PE1 girls all about nutrition and how crash-dieting isn’t healthy) for the week before, because when I tried on a dress that I planned to wear the first day, I could barely zip it up!

And while crash-dieting isn’t healthy, it works! (shhhhhhh). I was able to zip it up AND I could sit down in it! The first day was Black and White Day, so Kenz and I mixed and matched all of our stuff.


The second day was Squad Day, so my fellow coaches and I donned our coachiest gear.


The third day was House Performance Day, (that’s the first pic) and our house was doing a Greatest Showman themed performance. We came in second out of 4 on that one, mostly because all the fine arts teachers and star student performers were in another house.

Thankfully, our house has the muscle, so we won the Tug-of-War activity!


The 4th day was Fiction/Fantasy Character Day. Kenzie was dressed as  Professor Trelawny until she came into my room the morning of, and saw that I was Katniss Everdeen. She immediately turned around and changed into Tris clothes and asked me to tattoo her collarbone!


The last day was Era day, and our house thankfully chose 80’s! Once again, ALL-IN….easily.


The kicker…..teachers don’t earn points for dressing up!!! Oh well. It was so fun anyway! AND….Tharseo won Spirit Week! So our house gets a non-uniform day and Korean ice cream, as well as bragging rights for another year.

The week prior to our Spirit Week, the middle school had their similar week called Friendship Week. Bella was all-in on her costumes as well! I didn’t get any pics of her, but one of her teachers posted this on on facebook, so I nabbed it. She was even a costume finalist on Twin Day with one of her friends.


Right now, I’m teaching swimming in PE (aka: Googling “How to do the Butterfly”). In between laps, we have some fun!


Speaking of PE, we had school picture day, and I didn’t want my picture to be in everyday PE garb, so I wore a dress. But I still had to teach PE, so I tucked the dress into my shorts and laced up my sneakers. It was a contradictory outfit!


I’m so sad that we only have a month left of volleyball! This has been a great and interesting season and I’m not ready to be done with these girls!







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