October in Review

29 Oct

Volleyball season is over now, so my afternoons have freed up! Perhaps I’ll be able to stay on top of thrillanmanila now!

…but probably not.

Since my last post, little Simmy turned 4!


That picture above was captured from a video clip of Sim singing Hot Cross Buns. He shakes his actual buns back and forth and sings Hoth Croth Bunth. It’s one of the top 10 reasons I love having Sim in our family!

For his birthday, we just celebrated as a family with dinner, movie and cake.



We watched Smallfoot, but it wasn’t captivating for Simmy.


The girls made Simmy’s birthday cake this year!



Bella and I had special weekend away to do Passport 2 Purity together during Fall Break. We had so much fun together and Bella, more than any of my kids, treasures one-on-one time! We got a terrific Airbnb in BGC (the nicest area in Manila). We were within walking distance of everything we wanted to do, eat, and visit!



Our condo had infinity pool!




Bella got to pick everything we did and ate, and thankfully, we share a lot of the same tastes and she picked Din Tai Fung for dinner not once, but twice! In addition, we grabbed some Xiao Long Bao for a take-out snack!

We had a massage at a nice spa planned for a special outing, but Bella overruled that decision when she saw a Timezone across the street. So my massage took a back seat to an arcade! We had so much fun together though. She likes to arcade like me, going for the high-ticket games. We had a lot of jackpot moments and it was so fun.


Other highlights were pedicures, Wild Flour, Starbucks, snacking in bed, Clueless, and the balloon activity gone drastically wrong! (Inside joke!)

When we were done with our girls getaway, Josh and the kids picked us up and we headed to another airbnb near the airport. Why? Because my parents were coming for a visit!

They were here during Canadian Thanksgiving, so we invited some Canuck neighbors over for a feast.


One of the great parts of Grandma and Grandpa coming to visit is that Caleb got to read to someone new!


More pics from their visit to come…


One Response to “October in Review”

  1. Katie Manthe October 29, 2018 at 11:41 am #

    Oh, wow! Simmy’s thumbs up picture is to die for. I love it! And I love your blog. Just sayin’.

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