Bff visit

11 Nov

Since our best friends left the field a few months ago, we’ve been counting down the days until they come visit!

It was so great to have Dave and Olivia come for 10 days. I told Dave that we wanted Olivia as much as possible, so she pretty much moved in, which we loved! The girls did all of their usual favorite things – swimming, snacking, tea-partying, plus app surfing, video-watching, and video-making. These girls are growing up!

It was fun to have her here on Halloween, especially because we got the next two days off of school!




Bella wanted to celebrate her birthday early with Liv, so we took the kids to Bella’s heaven on earth–Timezone.


Unfortunately, the birthday girl didn’t have the big moment of the night. That honor goes to Deacon, who hit the 1000 ticket jackpot…..TWICE!

Then Caleb hit the jackpot too! I didn’t get a pic of him though because Kenzie and I were busy on the arcade equivolent of a slot machine.

The next day, I took the girls out for mani/pedi’s. Bella was no match for the hand massage, and fell asleep mid-mani.

Another huge highlight while Liv was here was that she got to play in the middle school Buhay Sports volleyball tournament! Josh made her a uniform and everything!


We couldn’t let the girls have all the fun! Josh, Dave, and I went to our favorite double-date spot. It was so fun, but the empty chair next to Dave made me miss Michele too much!!!



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