Holiday Getaway

28 Feb

We were surprised to find out that our favorite hotel here really upped their pool game by adding playgrounds and slides! We went there for two nights over Christmas Break, thanks to a 50% off Black Friday deal!



One reason that we were excited to go there was because a Red Lobster has just opened at the nearby Mall of Asia. We hit it pretty hard, to the point where they said if we wanted more Cheddar Bay Biscuits, we’d have to pay for them!

After dinner, we strolled around the mall and happened upon a virtual reality activity place. Josh and Mackenzie did a scary zombie one, and the rest of us did a fun family one. It was hysterical watching Josh and Mackenzie react to….nothing….creeping up beside them.



Deacon really gets into hotel life.


It was really beautiful outside the pool, but pretty chilly inside the pool! We’ve had a surprisingly cool “winter!” It’s been dreamy in the mornings and evenings! We know hot season is just around the corner, but we are soaking up as much mid-70’s temps as we can!



The next night, we split up and Josh took his girls on a date to the hotel buffet and I took the boys to dinner and an Active Fun place. The mall was crawling with people, but we still had lots of fun together!


Josh won a gift certificate to a derm clinic, so he sent me to go get my first facial! I could get used to a regular regimen!



Finally, we took a spin on the big Ferris Wheel on Manila Bay. Josh stayed on safe ground, Deacon wished he stayed on safe ground, and the rest of us loved it!





One Response to “Holiday Getaway”

  1. Katie Manthe March 1, 2019 at 3:24 pm #

    Oh my! Sim hugging Mackenzie’s leg is SO cute! I’ve been loving your catch up posts!!!

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