Outdoor Ed

8 Apr

This was my second year on the kitchen crew for Outdoor Ed. This year, the middle school spent a week in Bataan, one of the turning point battle grounds of WWII in the Pacific. The kids always have a great time exploring the guns and caves that still give us a hint of life during the war.

I didn’t get to stay the entire week this time, because it was the very same week as the girls ACSC basketball tournament, which not only were Josh and Mackenzie participating in, but we were also hosting at our school, so I needed to get back for that.

The week started terrific with little traffic as we left the city. But that’s where the easy breeze ended, as my engine light popped on an hour away from our destination! Thankfully, God took great care of us by making sure that literally the two most mechanically inclined fellow OE staff came behind us about 15 minutes after we pulled off the highway! They followed me to the closest town and went in search of a mechanic while my friend and I camped out at a gas station. A few hours later, the car was in the hands of someone else, we had made it to base camp, and jumped right into OE prep activities! It was definitely a HUGE wrench thrown into our day, but I’m so thankful for the guys help, for my friend who stayed with me the entire time, and that we still got everything done, albeit many many hours later than we’d hoped!

This was what I took off of my face that night…ew.


The grounds were beautiful!





Our accommodations….not as nice as the grounds. I never  like when the shower isn’t separated from the rest of the bathroom. The toilet is always wet, the floor is always wet, everything is always wet!


I love our kitchen crew t-shirts. “Don’t hate me just cause I’m a little cooler.” Coolers are our saving grace during OE!


We have two days of prep and then the best part is when the kids first arrive!



My favorite camper!


My first time trying cashew fruit! I can’t believe each cashew tiny nut comes from just one of these fruits! It was delicious, and was accompanied with some fun facts, but I cant remember what they are, which is why I need to be up-to-date on this blog!


OE isn’t just educational for the kids. We learned how to get a charcoal grill going full-force in just minutes, thanks to using a handy dandy hairdryer! It works way better than blowing on the coals!


As always, OE kitchen crew is exhausting, but so rewarding! While it was a pain that my car was in the shop, God worked it out perfectly for it to be ready to go the morning that I needed to get back to Manila. In addition, there was a student joining OE who had been sick when the rest of the school rolled in, and her driver brought us back to the town where my car needed to be picked up. On top of that, he was also a mechanic, so he double-checked it all for me! The car wasn’t back to tip-top shape, but it got us back to Manila with enough time for me to shower and grab a quick nap before our first game of the tournament!





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