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102 Things About Me

21 Mar

1. I almost always sleep from side to side, rarely on my back, and never on my stomach.

2. When I was young and would have a nightmare, I would think about Care Bears to help me back to sleep.

3. I wanted to be a cheerleader until 8th grade, when I realized that nobody likes to see a 5’11” cheerleader, and basketball was probably the better option.

4. I’ve only had two boyfriends and the two of them are good buddies now. In fact, the ex was an usher in our wedding.

5. My favorite breakfast food is easily french toast.

6. My favorite thing to eat for supper is a meatball sub.

7. I love being pregnant. There are some bouts of heartburn and some swollen ankle days that bring me down a little, but for the most part, I really love it.

8. If it’s got chocolate in it, I’ll eat it.

9. I was always #9 in any sports I played.

10. I loved playing volleyball and basketball in high school. I played softball, but only so that I would have an edge on getting the Outstanding Senior Girl Athlete award. I get really anxious and stressed when I’m at bat (even in intramurals or church games). Yeah, I don’t like softball.

11. My mom makes the best lasagna in the world.

12. I pursued my husband when he was dating someone else. I know, that’s terrible. But I really, really liked him. The girl he was dating was 5’2”, didn’t like Dumb & Dumber, and didn’t like basketball. Come on! In fact, there is a picture of the fans at a JBU basketball game where up in the back of the bleachers is Josh’s ex with her chin in her hands, bored as can be. Then, front and center wearing a JBU shirt is me, hands up in the air, jumping up and down…and I love Dumb & Dumber. Match made in heaven.

13. We have two sweet little daughters. Mackenzie is 2 and couldn’t be more of a textbook toddler. Bella is almost 5 months. Both of them are off the charts in their height (imagine that).

14. I can’t enjoy snorkeling, because I convince myself that a shark is sneaking up behind me. I start hyperventaling into that tiny snorkel. No fish or coral is worth it to me.

15. I love baking and trying new dessert recipes. In fact, my career test in high school said I would make a good frozen dessert specialist or pastry chef. I went back and tweeked my answers until it said that I would make a good athletic trainer.

16. I memorized the eye chart the day before my sight test, because I knew I needed glasses and I didn’t want to get them. The 20/30 line is EDFCZP.

17. Caleb Deacon is our boy name. Josh’s nickname is “Deacon” and Caleb is from the Bible. You know, Caleb and Joshua.

18. I like yoga and pilates. I miss Michele’s yoga class we took in college. Remember?

19. I am 5’11” and always prayed that my husband would be taller than me. Josh is 6’8″.

20. I’m very gullible. When we were young, my sister told me that spraying hair spray in my mouth would make me run faster. That’s all I needed to hear. I endured the bitter taste and took off running like the wind, shouting, “It really works!”

21. I prefer ibuprofen to acetaminophen.

22. Josh and I have been married almost 5 years. We got married July 20, 2002. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost been five years. Isn’t the gift for that anniversary a diamond or something?

23. I was born in Massachusetts, grew up in the Philippines, went to college in Arkansas, got married in Kansas, and now we’re back in the Philippines.

24. I love giving myself manicures.

25. I have a lazy eye.

26. My eyesight is so bad, I wouldn’t be able to read the computer screen right now if I didn’t have my contacts in. In fact, at one of my eyesight check-ups, they took out my contacts and asked if I could read the screen. I thought it was three lines of small letters. No, it was the ‘E’.

27. One of our songs is Harry Connick Jr. “A Wink and a Smile.” When we first started flirting with each other, I loved that he would wink at me and I’ve always loved how he smiles with his eyes.

28. Professions I’ve wanted since I was little: Astronaut, princess, EMT, Physical Therapist, Flight Attendant, Wedding Coordinator and Athletic Trainer. I still think it would be fun to be a flight attendant or a wedding coordinator.

29. I want 4 kids, Josh wants 6.

30. I hate talking on the phone. I make Josh do it unless it’s an automated machine on the other end.

31. I married into being a Chiefs fan. Josh thinks it’s cute how little I know about football.

32. I love that Josh and I both have blue eyes and all our children will have blue eyes too. (Right? Isn’t that how the Punnett square works?)

33. I love dachshunds. We’ve had three in my lifetime. Norman, who was naughty. Kirby, who someone gave to us when she couldn’t have him anymore, and Mr. Bojangles, who is our current little guy. He’s so naughty, but so much more lovable. Dachshunds as a breed are very stubborn and loving. Bo has chewed through metal cages and plastic crates made to hold dogs just so he doesn’t have to be alone.

34. I loved college! It was one of the best times of my life. It flew by way too fast.

35. I try not to wish away happy times. I loved being engaged, but I wanted to be married. I loved being pregnant, but I wanted to hold my baby. It’s important to slow down and enjoy those special times too.

36. I was saved when I was 5 years old. My kindergarten teacher taught us the importance of John 3:16

37. I can remember the names of every boy I’ve ever had a crush on, starting from kindergarten. Matt, Mark, Jared, Josh, Peter, Clark, Mike, and now Josh…and Jack Bauer. (But it’s OK because Josh has a crush on him too….J/K)

38. When I was little, my mom said, “Son of a gun” and I started crying because I thought she swore.

39. One time at band camp, I had my first dance.

40. I played the flute and piccolo from grades 5-12.

41. I don’t like when people say, “Victoria Secret’s” instead of “Victoria’s Secret.”

42. I like getting compliments, but I’m uncomfortable responding to them.

43. I used to be very competitive. I’ve grown a little less competitive in the last few years, but Josh and I can still get in pretty heated fights about anything that we’re competing with each other in. Actually, I remember him getting mad at me for not guessing what his drawing was in Cranium, so I guess we don’t get along on a team either.

44. I’m pretty emotional. I suspected I was pregnant when I started crying over a Sylvan learning commercial. You know the one where the kid gives his mother a positive report card for her birthday? Floored me. (But I really was pregnant).

45. I tried not eating to lose weight. I didn’t make it to lunchtime before I decided it wasn’t worth it.

46. I love after-dinner conversations. Full tummies, good company.

47. I don’t like living in a climate with no seasons. I miss the changing of seasons.

48. I love shoes.

49. I love shopping, but even more so, I love a good sale. My mom is a fantastic bargain hunter.

50. Since having my girls, I can be ready to go in 5 minutes. However, I love the occasion when I can take an hour and curl my hair, put on make-up, and get all dolled up.

51. I want to run a Bed & Breakfast when we’re done over here.

52. I’m a romantic.

53. I used to throw up when I got really nervous. I threw up on the first day of high school in the U.S. and I almost threw up during volleyball try-outs.

54. I was really scared to start pushing when I delivered Mackenzie. As it turns out for me, pushing is the best part of having a baby! 11 minutes..boom! It’s over and she’s here. I was so relieved when it was time to start pushing for Bella’s delivery. She only took 5 minutes. We’ll see if I can’t get the next one out in seconds.

55. I love naps.

56. I want to go to the summer Olympics one day. Actually, if possible, I’d really like to go to the winter games too.

57. I’m horrible at remembering important dates.

58. My favorite color is purple. I just think it’s pretty.

59. My favorite way to relax is to lay out by the pool on a clear, breezy day with a good book and a cool drink. (Actually, I love to really pig out on junk food, but I can’t relax when I’m keeping a calorie tab running in my head.)

60. I’m scared to drive more than 5 miles over the posted speed limit.

61. My mom is a nurse and has the best bedside manner! She took good care of us when we were sick growing up. It was great to have her in the delivery room with Kenz because she knew the medical stuff, she knew how to handle me when I’m not feeling well, and she’d been through the baby thing herself. Oh! While she took care of us when we were sick growing up, my dad would make a special trip out to the store to get ginger ale for us, which is really difficult to find in the PI. Sweet parents!

62. I wear size 9 1/2 – 10 shoes.

63. At Starbucks, I order a non-fat, decaf, mocha or white chocolate mocha.

64. My favorite Filipino dish is Bicol Express. (Yum…pork, garlic, chili peppers, and coconut milk.)

65. I would love to be on any of the TLC shows.

66. I am 1/2 Canadian. My mom is from Victoria, B.C., which could be one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s one of those places where you aren’t too far from the beach or the mountains at any given time. My dad grew up in Buffalo, NY……mmmmm, buffalo wings.

67. I’ve never had a debilitating injury. One Thanksgiving, we were playing floor hockey and my brother shot the puck, only instead of going in the goal, it hit me in the head. That gave me a sweet headache and killed my Thanksgiving appetite. I fall down a lot, but I think I was blessed with the ability to do it without getting hurt. (Knock on wood.)

68. I had a lisp until 1st grade.

69. I was born on July 13, 1980. It was the year of the monkey.

70. I really like to read. I’ll admit it, though… I don’t read the real classics as much as the airport bookstore classics and Christian love stories.

71. When I don’t know the lyrics to a song, I just sing whatever it sounds like to me. It annoys Josh.

72. When I was in 2nd grade, one of my favorite songs was Bon Jovi’s, “Livin’on a Prayer.” I didn’t know for a long time if it was that or “Livin’ on the Prairie.”

73. I wear jeans for a looonnng time before I wash them.

74. I have one brother and one sister, both older than me. I’m the textbook baby of the family and proud of it.

75. When I was young, I lied a lot. In second grade, I didn’t do some homework, and the teacher sent me home with a note to be signed my my dad. Instead of telling him about it, I signed the paper myself. It was perfect second grade printing, complete with a circle to dot my “i’s”.

76. Josh and I are going to take ballroom dance lessons one day.

77. I sing in the shower.

78. I love, love, love ice cream. My favorite flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter. I also like Moose Tracks and Mint Chocolate Cookie.

79. My karaoke songs are “Oops! I Did it Again,” “Straight Up,” “Any Mine of Mine,” “Goodbye Earl,” and Josh and I always sing our honeymoon song, “Margaritaville.” Oh! And if I’m feeling it, “Lady Marmalade.” By the way, I don’t take karaoke seriously, where I try to sound my best. I stay away from any Celine, Whitney or Mariah songs. It’s fun. I like karaoke.

80. I really want to go to Europe. Josh is pretty indifferent about it, so we don’t want to spend all that money if he’s not into it. My sister used to live in France, so maybe she and I will take a trip someday.

81. If my brother says it’s cool, than I think it’s cool.

82. I weigh myself almost every morning, and NEVER weigh myself at night.

83. I like doing most housework, but not laundry. I like dusting and polishing.

84. Our dog, Mr. Bojangles, sleeps with us. He cuddles up against the back of my legs when I’m on my side.

85. My favorite smells: A roast in the oven, banana bread baking, Christmas smells (baked goodies, cinnamon, pine, etc.), newborn babies, freshly cut grass (it’s not the smell as much what it represents…summer!) Oh, and puppy breath. Sarah taught me that one.

86. I have a degree in Sports Medicine and have my National Athletic Trainers Association certification. Oh yeah, and I have yet to practice as an AT.

87. My dad was a high school principal for a number of years. People can be so intimidated by him because he’s big, uses big words, and has a “look.” I think it’s so funny, because he’s a big softy now that he has two granddaughters.

88. I hate seeing animals suffer. It’s hard for me to watch trapped animals or hurt animals on the news or in movies.

89. I love having inside jokes with people. I have a lot with Mason.

90. My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. I think it would be fun to wear those dresses every once in a while.

91. I love my wedding gown. It’s completely awful that I only got to wear it for a few hours. It might sound silly (for anyone who doesn’t know me), but that gown was an answer to prayer. There were certain details that I specifically wanted in my gown, and I prayed that I would find the gown that had all those details. Then, one day we found it. Not only did it have everything I wanted, it was 60% off!!

92. I think pregnant bellies are one of the sweetest things on earth.

93. I love Junior Mints. Other faves include Reese’s peanut butter cups, York peppermint patties, Hershey’s milk and dark chocolate, and Hershey’s S’more bar.

94. I regret that I didn’t work harder at sports when I was in high school.

95. I love Josh’s gastrocnemius’s’s’s.

96. I had Pitocin (helps labor progress) and Nubane (painkiller) when Mackenzie was born, and had Bella completely naturally. I loved doing it naturally for a number of reasons, but since I’ve, “been there, done that,” I’ll probably have an epidural with the next one. We’ll see.

97. My roommate from college, Allison, and I sound the same on the phone. We used to play tricks on the boyfriends because even they couldn’t tell us apart.

98. I like coloring with Mackenzie. But I don’t like it when she hogs all the crayons.

99. I love making lists. My friend, Abby, and I used to make lists during Wellness I for whatever fun event we had coming up. She’s a crazy organizer. She was always in charge of Spring Break trips.

100. Noves and I had big plans to one day walk from Siloam Springs to Fayetteville. I haven’t given up on those plans.

101. I like Crest toothpaste the best.

102. I guess the #43 in me kicked in when everyone else only wrote 101 Things about them. Ok, I still have a little competitive edge