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17 Sep

Whenever the kids say that they are going to act like me, my heart freezes in my chest as I wait for them to act out a performance that would surely give them the role of Miss Hannigan on Broadway. When I ask them, “What does Mommy like to say to you everyday?”, I hold my breath and hope that they say ANYTHING positive.

So when we were at the pool the other day, Caleb told me that he was going to sing my song. I thought for sure, he would bust out a tune of, “NO! Don’t do this, don’t do that! Go clean your room.” But instead,  he sang so sweetly, “I love my Caleb! I love my little Caleb!” I let out a huge exhale and smiled.

By the time I got my phone out, he had moved on to his own song, which was equally precious…


I love my mommy, and her loves me!