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Run, Run, as fast as ya can!

12 Dec

Last night, the cutest group of 5-6 year-olds in the country gathered together on stage for The Gingerbread Man. Image

Bella had been telling us for days that she was playing the part of “the little girl.” She downplayed it so much that none of us realized that she was playing THE little girl! I was a little shocked when I opened the program and saw her name on the cast list. First AND middle name, which is pretty prestigious.Image

It’s a good thing I didn’t know that she had a main part because I would’ve been a bundle of nerves.


Get comfy, the videos are coming.

Here is the first song of the program. It starts with a duet by Bella and the Little Boy.

This clip is kind of long because the gingerbread man wouldn’t come out of the oven. When I asked Bella about it later, she told me that his mitten had come off and he didn’t want to come out until he was all put back together. Then Bella sings another award-winning duet.

The chase scene, as exciting as any Bruce Willis movie.

The finale. Bella is 5th in on the back row. Kindergarteners are the cutest! They all did such a good job. I think the music teachers must be genies full of musical magic.

Afterwards, we got Bella some ice cream to celebrate another job well done! Image

As expected, she had a little guy to share it with.



In unrelated, but just as exciting news, our season of toilet training Deacon is successfully complete!!! Only those close to us understand what a frustrating-process-which-means-that-much-more-exciting achievement this is, but I’ll go ahead and put it on the web for everyone to celebrate with us. Without going into too much detail, Deacon has pooped everyday for 7 days in a row AND has slept in underpants every night for over 2 weeks!

Just when I think that my heart couldn’t be any more full of love for my kids, they go any get fully potty-trained, and that love multiplies to the tenth power!

I know that when we’re empty nesting, Josh and I will be sighing nostalgically about our days with young children, but I don’t think we’ll ever think about potty training without growling.

Here’s to being a 5/6ths-diaper-free family!

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie???