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One Month of Caleb

11 Sep

Back in May, I posted a pic of this little sleep sack that I made for my yet-to-be-identified baby. I remember thinking, “I can’t wait until there’s a baby in there!”

Yay, that time has come!

He’s given us a smile here and there, but I have yet to get a picture of it!

Mackenzie is dying to get a laugh out of him. I can’t wait until he gives her a big belly laugh.

Caleb isn’t a fan of tummy time, but I’m a big fan of his limbs tucked in tight and his booty in the air!

I took Caleb for a check-up on Friday, his one month birthday. He had his BCG, a vaccine for TB, and he really cried hard. I was surprised that it was difficult for me to witness it! I’ve been through quite a few immunizations by now, but this was the hardest for me. Weird, huh?

So here are his stats:
3.64 kg (8+ lbs)
52 cm (20.5″)
HC 37 cm (14.5)

He didn’t put on much weight, but is showing all the signs of a growing, healthy little guy.

Deacon’s 3rd birthday was also on Friday!!! I had a volleyball game that night, so we’ll celebrate on Tuesday I think. We gave him some presents to open, but he gave us our own present.

HE WENT POTTY ON THE TOILET!! Hip hip hooray! AND, he just went again tonight!
I couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s one step closer to being diaper-less. We won’t force it, because goodness knows I don’t need anything more on my plate at the moment, but it’s just nice to see him get a little closer to big boyhood. I have the cutest pic of him in his Cars underpants, but I think we’ll just keep that on the family computer. He’s a cutie though!

So, this is what a Daddy with big hands can do. The kids are always asking Josh to make Caleb dance and they just giggle the entire time. It’s so cute on all accounts.