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The Fair!

29 Jun
The kids have been excited since the first day we got here about the fair. They’ve been counting down the days and knew that June 28 was Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary, but (more importantly) also the day the fair started.
Before we left for the fair, Mackenzie wanted to show us her new and exciting skill.

She’s rocking the two-wheeler now! Yesterday, no good on two wheels. Today, awesome!

Ok, so we got to the fair and the first thing we saw were FREE pony rides! Hooray for something free!

Deacon and Bella rode the pony and Kenzie was up on big horse.

Bella, the fearless animal lover, went right up to the pony and rubbed its nose and mouth. And eyes and ears and mane.

The kids loved all the rides that they got to go on. We told them ahead of time that we probably wouldn’t be able to do all the activities and rides because it’s all just a little more expensive than we’re used to in the PI. And by “little,” I mean 5000%.

Deacon and Bella watched as Kenzie and I went on the Sky Hawk.

So fun. So dizzy.

The highlight of Bella’s night were the teacups.

We wanted the kids to experience the culinary masterpieces known as fair food, so we bought some fried dough, deep fried Oreos, a corn dog, and some fresh-squeezed lemonade. We were going to get a candy apple, but they weren’t ready at that time. We would’ve tried all kinds of other foods, but then one of the kids wouldn’t get to go to college, so we resisted the urge and saved our dollars.

Caleb just sat happily in his stroller, taking in all the lights and sounds of the fair. He was really happy. When one woman walked by with a balloon, Caleb tracked her until he couldn’t crane his neck any longer.

Josh is always finding fun uses for his “crickets,” as Deacon calls his crutches. Tonight, he was making Caleb giggle by poking him in the tummy.

And finally, I caught a clip of our guy doing the “deacon dance.” He’s always one to move to the music, so I captured him tonight in mid-stomp.