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Mackenzie Turns 6!

10 Aug

Alright – whooooaaa.

The aging is going just a little too fast for this mama. Now that Mackenzie is out of diapers, can dress and groom herself, as well as entertain herself, the time is just flying by!

I know there were more than a few days during her toddlerhood (triggered by poop or vandalism, for sure) that I couldn’t wait for 6 years old. Now it’s here, and I just don’t know what happened to all the days in between!

I’m thrilled that she’s 6. She’s such a fun person to be around! She’s a creative, smart, active girl who has done something to amaze us (both good and bad) every single day of her special life. We can’t wait to see….strike that….we CAN WAIT and are excited to see what God has planned for her future.


A few months ago, we were walking around the only store in Manila that sells cake decorating stuff, and Mackenzie saw a castle cake that she loved. So I had Josh pick it up last week.

* When I showed Mackenzie the cake, her entire face lit up. Then I could see her comtemplating something. I asked her what she was thinking. “Well…I kind of wanted it to say ‘courtney’ on it.”

The example page that came with the pan had “Courtney…6” on it!

What started out as a Princess/castle party ended up as Barbie/poolside party. We ran out of time to trek out to the big toy stores who carry princess decor, so we had to settle for one of the close-by malls who specialize in Spongebob, Dora, and Barbie party gear. No problem, she loves Barbie these days.

Last year, I had a bunch of games and activities planned at Mackenzie’s Tinkerbell party, and it was a lot of fun but also a lot of work. This year, we decided to party at the pool. Badabing badaboom – the kids scream, laugh, and make up their own fun, and the ants and birds do most of the clean-up! Plus, us mom’s relax in the sun and chat.

Here’s the party crew. There were some girls from her class, some of her neighbors, and some older girls who she loves being around. Since she didn’t get to include all of her classmates, we took cupcakes up during merienda at school.

Like I said, they create their own fun in a pool!

Josh did get in on the fun by making water balloons for the girls. We should have made more! They loved throwing them and watching them explode everywhere. This little girl, Olivia, is quite terrified of balloons (we think it goes back to when she was at Deacon’s birthday party and a balloon popped really loudly.) But since the water balloons don’t make that loud noise, she loved them!

Kenzie got all kinds of great gifts! It was a good thing that we went with the Barbie theme, because she got two different Barbie mermaids and a bunch of Barbie make-up. She was cute. She squealed with excitement at every gift.

Josh and I got her a set of dolls with magnetic dress-up clothes.

She’s really into crafts these days, and she was so excited to see this adhesive mosaic craft set that we bought, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa. She already has her afternoon planned out, starting with one of these.

Mackenzie, Abby, and their sisters are all really into My Little Pony these days, so that’s what Abby and Olivia gave her. When I went to wake the girls up at 6:15 this morning, they were already up and playing with their ponies!

The last time Josh went to the U.S., he came back with this great keyboard that his mom found on a great sale! Mackenzie is so excited, but of course, we have to buy batteries for it first.

Deacon missed the party, as I don’t disturb his afternoon nap for ANYTHING. When the party was over, we went back upstairs and greeted him with cake and party horns. It took him a few moments to figure them out, but when he did, he was adorable!

He would blow it hard enough to make a noise and unravel it…

…then bust up laughing.

He walked around the house for a good hour doing the same exact thing. Horn, laugh, horn, laugh…

OK, FINE! Here’s a clip of him.

It’s going to be hard for Mackenzie to do her nightly reading and homework tonight with all of her new presents just staring at her. That’s right, she has homework! It’s fun stuff though – word searches, activities, and thought-provoking art.

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!! We love you so so much and are proud of our 6-year-old girl!