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30 Jan

We interrupt this series of balmy, beach weather posts for a quick post of our frigid and snowy fun day.

Josh let me sleep in this morning while he got the girls to school, but at 7:45am, I rolled over and remembered that it was supposed to snow during the night and into the morning. I was like a kid on Christmas morning and couldn’t sleep any longer. I ran upstairs, put on some coffee and enjoyed what was happening outside the window. Snow is beautiful!

When Deacon woke up and saw the snow, his reaction could cure even the worst bout of depression. His entire face lit up and he could barely wait long enough to eat breakfast before heading out into the fun snow!

He was sledding outside by himself for a while, but then Josh joined him and I got Caleb all bundled up. He could barely walk with all that puff on him. He waddled around like the marshmallow man from Ghost Busters. Image

He wasn’t too thrilled about all that restriction until he got outside and joined Deacon and Josh in the fun. Josh put together a sled with a rope so he could pull the boys around. They were giggling pretty hard the last time I saw them.



After about 10 minutes, Caleb had enough and wanted to come back inside. His cheeks were rosy! Meanwhile, Josh and Deacon upped the excitement level with some more sledding tricks. Here’s a video:

Deacon wanted to sleep in his snow clothes so that when he got up from nap, he could get right back out there. I assured him that he could definitely go back out, but he had to shed the layers for nap time. It took him no time at all to get geared up again and about 10 minutes after he woke up from nap, I saw him at work digging outside.


He came in and told me how much work he had to do! When the girls got home, they joined Deacon outside and I think Josh did some sledding tricks with them too. I was on hot chocolate and hot apple cider duty inside. It’s pretty chilly out there! It’s hard to believe that a week ago today, I was in shorts and a tank!

What’s for supper on a snowy night???