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They Are Karaoke Machines!

10 Mar

On Saturday night, we celebrated the 60th birthday of our dear friend, Virginia! It was a surprise party and we got to be the ones to bring her to the party, so it was so much fun to know what was going on while she was in the dark until the big moment!

No filipino party would be complete without a karaoke machine! Josh is usually the microphone hog, but he’s going to have to pass along that title to his eldest daughter! Mackenzie was the first of all the guests to get up and sing….and the last…..and most of the in between! I think she ended up singing 4 Taylor Swift songs and 1 One Direction. We finally had to drag her out of the party to go home.

Here is her first number, Love Story.

Deacon flat out refused to get within 5 feet of the mic, so there was no getting him to sing. Bella was somewhere in between. She was shy about singing in front of others, but really wanted to do it. But she gathered up the courage and busted out Love Story as well. It helped that we had (accidentally) selected a track that included a singer.

Needless to say, Mackenzie wants to rent a karaoke machine for her next birthday. Actually, she wants to buy one…