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VBS night

11 Jul

Well, Mackenzie thoroughly loved every minute of VBS. They put on a wonderful program here and she learned some verses, heard some Bible lessons, had great projects and activities, and of course, the snacks were a hit. Her favorite activity was the stepping stone she made to go in Grandma’s garden.

Tonight, we had the closing ceremonies. Is that the right term, or is my mind in Beijing? We got a glimpse of everything they have been doing this week. Here is Mackenzie sitting with her best pal here, Mallory.

Bella spent the better part of the program on Grandpa’s shoulders, a place she loves to be.

They called Kenzie’s group up to the front to recite one of their verses. This isn’t the best photo, but it shows how Kenz marched right up to the mike. I was thrilled to see a bit of stage presence in her. That is, until she figured out what they were up there for and made a beeline for the back row. I was so proud of her for learning all three verses this week!

They had some really cute songs, and Mackenzie sings them around the house non-stop. They all have fun choreography that she loved.

One of those songs featured the Chicken Dance music/choreography. I had to video her shaking her little booty. Anyone in the market for a flower girl who will rock the dance floor? Mackenzie’s your gal.

I’m blaming it on pregnancy hormones, but if I get choked up every time my children perform or get so excited about what they’re doing, I’m in for an emotional and hysterical future.