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Weekend Wrap-up

16 Apr

I’m a busy little uploading bee. At Friday night’s show, I took little clips of all the scene’s that Mackenzie is in. They are taking for-ever to upload, so it’s putting me behind on all my other blog posts!

But here’s a teaser…

Mackenzie didn’t get to sleep until 10:45 on Thursday night, so we let her sleep in the morning. She usually wakes up at 6:15, but enjoyed a nice 30 minute sleep in and was wide awake at 6:45. It’s probably because she wasn’t in her own bed. We picked the worst week to re-paint the girls room! The girls have been sleeping in the living room, or Deacon’s room, or our room. In fact, when Josh got home from his basketball game on Thursday night, he found Mackenzie sleeping in our bed, so he just went and slept in hers.

Anyway, we wanted to do something special for her on Friday to keep her spirits and energy up at school, so I went and picked up McDonalds and Josh met me up at school to surprise Kenzie for lunch. It was a lot of fun! Half of the fun was talking to all her little 1st grade friends. It was like an episode of “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

After eating, we played with them on the playground. Josh was a hit with the kids. He gave them massive pushes on the merry-go-round, and only one girl went flying off and had to go to the nurse! oops. They also played “chicken” on the balance beam. Everyone was in line to knock Josh off.

Friday night was the best performance! Before the play, I sneaked (is “snuck” not a word? Spell-checker doesn’t like it) backstage so I could tuck Mackenzie’s mic pack into her undershorts. I made her jump around just to make sure she wouldn’t have another so-called wardrobe malfunction. She did wonderfully.

Her best friends were sitting with us in the audience and I could see Mackenzie glance up every so often to see if she could find Abby.

When I was laying in bed with her after the show, we were talking about our favorite parts, our favorite characters, etc. She asked me what show they were going to do next year. I said I didn’t know and asked her what she wanted them to do. She thought for a long time and then her eyes got huge as she exclaimed, “Rango!” She also came up with “Tom and Jerry” and decided that she’d make a good Jerry.

Another post I’m behind on is Saturday morning basketball. First of all, we showed up an hour late because Josh and I overslept! I woke up with a start at 9:20. The girls were playing quietly in their room and Deacon was just laying in his bed. Very peaceful at 9:20. Not so much at 9:21-9:30. Anyway, we managed to get dressed, uniforms on, with a banana in each hand as we hustled out the door in 10 minutes!

We missed our first game, but still made it for the second. I had my camera ready to video any exciting moments, but I missed both of Mackenzie’s baskets!!! When she got the ball, I was too focused on the game to think about picking up the camera, until it went in and Mackenzie looked so happy! Bummer. I did capture a nice assist that Mackenzie had, but it’s way down on the upload list. All in good time…

Bella….she’d still rather be on the playground. But she puts in a great effort ’cause she knows she has a slurpee on the way. In fact, during the game she had a Brian Regan moment. She shouted to Josh, who was reffing, “What kind of slurpee are we getting?”

Thankfully, Mackenzie finally got in a good nap on Saturday afternoon. I even had to wake her up to make her 4:15 call time. Saturday’s performance was the one the that Bella got to go to and she was so excited! She kept asking where Mackenzie was, but clearly, her favorite character was Miss Hannigan. As soon as the show started, “Where’s Miss Hannigan?” Answer that question 37 more times, and you’ll be in my shoes.

At intermission (I finally stopped calling it half-time), I took Bella backstage to see Mackenzie. She loved all the costumes, make-up, and characters up close. I just realized I should have introduced her to Miss Hannigan! Duh.

After the show, we gave Mackenzie her bouquet. Only instead of flowers like the big girls were getting, we got her a big, fun balloon.

She kept telling me that she needed to stick around for the cast party, which was supposed to start at midnight! I told her we had something special planned at home. And special it was! We got her a DQ ice cream cake. I don’t know if they’re more expensive here, but if so, they’re worth every single peso, especially now that hot season is making it’s appearance.

It’s nice to have the crazy schedule and running around come to a close, but it’s also sad that Annie’s over. What a fun experience for all of us! I just came across Mackenzie’s folder of scripts and sheet music. It was kind of a downer to throw it all away! I remember when those orphans were just learning their stuff, meaning they were all on different notes and missing their lines. It was amazing to see it all come together for a fantastic show! I hope Mackenzie and/or Bella, Deacon, #4 get to be in future performances!