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The Christmas Program

22 Dec

I know it’s shocking, but there were no nightengale rumors floating around the church. However, I couldn’t be more proud of my little crooner. Mackenzie did such a good job singing in her Christmas programs today.

In this morning’s kids program, Mackenzie was part of the choir. She did really well staying focused and keeping still. I had scary thoughts of her throwing her dress over her head or shouting out something inappropriate, so aside from the occasional yawn, she did great.

One of their songs was “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

One of the songs included the kids snapping. Mackenzie made it her goal to learn how to snap when she first started kids choir. One of the other girls taught her and for a few days, this is what she looked like at all times. Eating…snap, snap. Going potty…snap, snap.

In the evening’s adult Christmas program, Mackenzie sang a little duet with her friend Grace. The video is really dark because the lights were dimmed in the building, but I’m posting this for the vocals anyway.

PS: Her friend is about six months OLDER than Mackenzie! Needless to say, Mackenzie is still tall for her age.