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We Have a Swimmer!

26 Jun

Ariel better watch her tail, cause Kenzie’s coming!

Before we left for the U.S., my friend Michele was teaching her daughter and Mackenzie how to swim. Mackenzie was sort of getting the hang of it until we took a 10 month hiatus from the pool.

Since we’ve come back, Mackenzie has really wanted to be swimming with Abby. She would start off alright, but then she’d start panicking when she ran out of breath. So she’s been practicing in the kiddie pool. Finally, today ventured into the big pool and she just took off. I’m so proud of her. She’s not panicking, she’s coming up for air. She even belly-flops off the side and swims to the other edge.


Kenzie’s little cheerleader.

Here’s a little clip of the swimming sensation.

What a monumental week!! (that Josh missed.)
*Deacon’s crawling!
*Bella has been completely potty accident-free!
*Kenzie’s swimming!