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1000th POST!!!

7 Mar

This morning was elementary chapel, featuring the 4th and 1st grades, which of course, is Mackenzie and Bella’s classes. The kids all did such a wonderful job! I love the worship at the beginning of elementary chapel. I know I’ve said it before, but all those sweet little voices praising God at the top of their tiny lungs is precious!

Bella’s class went first and they shared the story of Ruth. Once again, we sat on the wrong side of the auditorium to get a good glimpse of Bella. There she is on the far side, second riser, in her white uniform top and navy skort.


When it was Bella’s turn to read her portion, she sounded so soft-spoken and sweet.

Mackenzie’s class did three dramatizations and a song. The song was adorable! It was written by some girls in the class and set to the tune of “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen.

In the first skit, Mackenzie was one of the pigs that Jesus sent the demons into…


…and the second skit, she played the idol that king Nebuchadnezzar (yep, needed the spell check for that one.) We were teasing her that she really scored some bad guy roles in this chapel!


Deacon and Caleb liked watching all the chapel activities and especially loved seeing their sisters. Well, I think the highlight of the day for Deacon was when they played the Darth Vader theme when Nebuchadezzar told everyone to bow down to the idol.