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Mackenzie’s Baptism

30 Dec

A few months ago, Mackenzie expressed that she wanted to take the next step in her walk with the Lord and get baptized! We were thrilled and even more excited when she asked if her grandpa could do the dunking. The details worked out perfectly, down to the chapel resuming services in their building just last week, following the Sandy damage.

It was a wonderful moment for our family!



I was taking video with my camera, so Josh snapped those photos on his iPad. My mom and sis-in-law got some better quality shots, but until I transfer those, these will do.

Here is the video footage of the exciting event.

Afterwards, my sister and her family treated everybody to some Red Lobster goodness. It was a fantastic way to end a fantastic family week and a half!

This is what Heather calls an Oliver sandwich with a sweet cheek filling.


Eden is one half of the cutest twins in the world!


All these cousins are going to miss each other! Boo.


Everyone starts heading back to their homes tomorrow. Heather and her family fly out tomorrow, and the rest of us will head home on Tuesday. Of course, we won’t actually roll into KS until Wednesday, and then Josh heads to AR for a meeting on Thursday, and then flies to Australia on Friday! Whew.

Which shellfish rocks your world – lobster, crab, shrimp, prawns…?