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More sports

2 Oct

New to all of us is youth flag football! Deacon has practice twice a week and he’s had a couple of games already. They don’t keep score, but you know Josh has every last touchdown logged in his internal scorekeeper.img_2762

I was more than a little excited when I saw that each team has their own cheerleaders! They are so adorable. These three came out and started with the, “1…2,3,4,5….my name’s Katie and I say ‘hi!’ 6….7,8,9,10…back it up and meet my friend.” SO cute!



Deacon loves it and his favorite thing is to grab flags as dramatically as possible. Baths and laundry show the evidence of all of his diving and rolling.



He has a big cheering section of all ages! When Simeon gets sick of sitting (so, like 10 sec into the game), he runs off and steals the cheerleaders pompoms!


The other night, Bella was cheering for Deacon, yelling, “Let’s go woooo!” Truth be told, the “wooooo” was less cheerleader and more lioness on the hunt. When Sim heard her, he mimicked her and kept us all entertained all night.

(That’s Mackenzie smacking a mosquito off of his forehead at the end of the clip.)