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Since You’ve Been Gone

25 Jun

Josh returns to us in two days, and we are more than ready to have him back! But we’ve had a fun time together. It’s nice that it is low-stress summertime, with flexible schedules, no homework, etc. The kids are taking turns sleeping with me, so it’s fun to have one-on-one time with each of them as we fall asleep.

The girls and I have been watching a lot of the Food Network together. One night, they were giving each other massages….at the same time.  Mackenzie would sit on Bella’s back and pound it with her fists, while Bella would kick on Mackenzie’s back with her heels. There was a lot of giggling and not too much relaxing.


Squishy selfie.


Simmy and I have been working on tricks!

Rainy season is here now! The kids love playing in the rain, and even more, the love swimming in the rain. I was watching them the other day, huddled under a towel and umbrella during the 15 minute downpour.


IMG_6393 IMG_6397

One of Caleb’s floatie wings ripped through, so he’s left in the baby pool or must swim full-time. He’s doing great getting used to swimming on his own. He’s definitely not to where I’m comfortable, but he’s able to flail about without panicking. That’s a good thing, right?

This came racing down our hallway the other night. The kids will push each other at one speed – breakneck – doesn’t matter if they’re 8 or 8 months.


Mackenzie playing dress-up with Sim. In this pic, he is sporting a swim diaper hat. And is thrilled about it.


Yesterday, I took the kids to an indoor playplace at the mall. I had taken Caleb and Sim a few weeks ago and they loved it, but I wasn’t sure if Mackenzie would be into it. I was wrong. She went straight for the play kitchen and went to work on her own Food Network show.

IMG_6423 IMG_6433

They all loved the little shops and made me buy and eat their creations from each shop. By the end, I was broke and stuffed.

IMG_6435 IMG_6442

Even Simmy got in on the action, although he seems to be eating the profits…


There was also a fire station that Deacon and Simeon especially loved.

IMG_6444 IMG_6434

Should I be worried that Sim went straight for the medicine cabinet and cleaned it out?


Of course, the ball pit was a hit with everyone. At one point, I looked down and saw that my car keys had fallen out of my purse and were lying in the balls. I didn’t even hear them fall. Can you imagine losing your car keys in this???

IMG_6448 IMG_6450 IMG_6452 IMG_6455

This morning, we all went in to Simeon’s dr. appointment. They are wanted a front row seat to Simmy’s vaccine. It was so helpful to have Mackenzie there! She held him and entertained him while I paid the bill, talked to the dr, and packed up all of our stuff.


I told the kids that after the appointment, we’d go to the Pancake House at the hospital. However, it was closed! We were all psyched for it, so we detoured over to the mall. (with a secret plan: I had found $8 Lululemon pants at a different mall, so I wanted to see if there were any different ones at this mall)

After a yummy breakfast together, the kids wanted to do the bungee trampoline. They loved it! Deacon’s smile never left his face, but it switched between terror and glee.

IMG_6460 IMG_6468 IMG_6469

Now, naps are in order. We had a power outage in the middle of the night, so we couldn’t sleep in our sweat-soaked beds!