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Talent Night!

18 Jan

After much running around, putting costumes together, and practice, practice, practice, it was finally time to perform!!! To make things extra interesting, Josh was still in Australia, so it was up to me to make sure each of my kids was on stage when they needed to be, in the right costume.

I did have a few minutes before the show to chill out with our buddies.



It ended up being such a fun night! The first act of the night was Deacon and his 1st grade class doing a Disney song medley. They were so very cute! They sang and danced to excerpts from Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Chim-Chim-Chimaney, The BareĀ  Necessaties, and Under the Sea. The “awww’s” and “So cute”screeches were audible throughout the entire song!


Here is Deacon and his friend backstage.


After that performance, I hustled Deacon to the bathroom to change into his presidential costume. He and a bunch of other kids, including Kenzie and Bella, performed “What If” by NRG. Mackenzie was a “band” member, Deacon was a President, and Bella was a Big Film Star.


After that song, Deacon was hustled once again to the bathroom to put on his costume for the “Whip and Nae Nae” act. His PE teacher (a JBU alum!) put together a PE-inspired dance for a bunch of elementary students. Here they are backstage.


I think they got the biggest cheers of the night!


Then it was time for Mackenzie and my act! Mackenzie and her friends had been wanting to do something for Talent Night, so one of her friends mom’s came up with this idea. Along with a bunch of YouTube videos, we put together a medley of songs and dance moves.


It was pretty hysterical. I was behind the curtain, but all the laughing was making me laugh! We had been telling the girls to do lots of facial expressions, and they hit their peak at Talent Night! They were so expressive (from what people tell me!)



While I was running in and out of the theater, Caleb was in the charge of Bella’s best friend. I think it was her first babysitting job, so she felt pretty special and did a great job.


It was fun to be so involved with the show! It’s been a few years since my junior class hosted Talent Night. Like, I have to use almost all my toes and fingers to count.