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End of the Year Stuff

21 May

We have two weeks left in the school year, which means we have one week left of school and another week of straight class parties! Our Bible study of mom’s know that those last couple of weeks get crazy, so we made sure to do our wrap up girls night a couple of weeks ago.


Yay for discovering new and delicious restaurants! This was a sushi place, which is so fun to go to with a bunch of people because we each bought a different sushi roll and then shared and got to try all of the different flavors. My favorite was definitely the crunchy tuna roll. But the fanciest was this Dragon roll.



I liked it so much that I brought Josh there on date night the next week. He was a big fan too!

Josh nailed Mother’s Day this year!! He whisked me away to a hotel for the night and the next day, he left me at the hotel by myself, got me a late checkout, and he went home to care for the kids. It was amazing! The one thing I noticed right away was how quiet it was!

At check out time, he and the kids picked me up and took me to Chinatown for my favorite dumplings.


On top of all of the fresh dumplings that we ate, we bought 100 frozen ones to bring home. Here’s where the story goes downhill. The dumplings take up a lot of space in the freezer right? So Josh was looking for something in the freezer and took the dumplings out. When he found what he was looking for, he closed the freezer without putting the dumplings back. The next morning, we discovered them in all their thawed pork glory. To make matters worse, THIS IS THE SECOND TIME HE’S DONE THAT TO OUR FROZEN DUMPLINGS!!! I don’t even care about the p1000 financial loss ($20). I’m just annoyed that we don’t have dumplings ready to eat when the cravings hit!

Shifting gears….

I’m teaching CPR to my PE class, so I had to go find the mannequins and get them ready. Of course I waited until the night before, so I went into the dark closet at night by myself. This was the first thing I saw.


This was the second thing that I saw.


Creepy, right? You’d better believe I grabbed the CPR mannequins and took off, totally outrunning the creepy doll heads that were undoubtedly chasing me!




Staff Banquet Stuff

11 May

Teaching freshman boys PE was my ticket to the staff banquet this year! It was themed An Evening With the Stars, the “stars” being those who have worked at Faith 5,10,15…60 years, as well as those going on furlough or leaving the field. (Nobody bothered to honor my 5 months of teaching one class, hmphf!)

It was a fun evening (with air conditioning being the main “star” if you ask me), getting dressed up and hanging with friends.

This selfie couldn’t handle this much awesome in one picture, hence the blurriness. It’s the only logical explanation…


My assistant coach is leaving! I’m convinced that she’s the only person in the world who can successfully navigate Mackenzie and I through mother/daughter-coach/player dynamics. Clearly the Lord has someone else in mind and we’re praying daily that this miracle-worker will make his/her presence known soon!



It’s always a treat to hang out with one of life’s best people. I’ve known Jen since 1st grade and I squealed when I walked into the banquet and saw that she was wearing (nay, ROCKING) her bridesmaid dress from my wedding!


See how she has to stand on a platform to be about the same height as me? Those are some 5″ heels, bringing me to 6’3″! The funniest part is that these came in a box of donations to another missionary whose ministry is in one of the poorest areas of the city! I bought them off her so that they could get more use out of funds rather than 5″ size 10 heels! I’m still shorter than my favorite though!


Here is my 5:30 am crew!


We always take pics outside of the gym, so we decided that we should prove that we actually are working hard in the mornings!


The two girls on the right (one of them being the workout planner) are both leaving, and the two of us on left are nervous that we won’t be motivated enough to keep up the workouts, especially bc we are both teaching full-time next year! We always have good intentions, but y’know….life.


Birthday Celebration Stuff

7 May

Last week, us working gals got the day off of school on Tuesday, so we jumped at the opportunity to celebrate two birthdays on Monday night with dinner at our favorite, Wild Flour!

We had to talk the waitress into making our favorite dish, Croque Madame, as it’s only on the breakfast menu, but once she gave in, the night became perfect! In addition, we were there when the pastries became half-price at 7pm, so we all loaded up on scones, fancy breads, and other pastries.


The birthday girls were the tallest and the shortest girls!


Sadly, the short birthday girl is leaving us just a few months after she came into our lives! She’s so much fun and I would absolutely love it if God called her back to the PI someday!

Cos- Stuff

2 May

Just recently, our school performed The Wizard of Oz and as usual, they were amazing! My personal favorite was the Scarecrow, but the boys loved the Tinman and the Lion. But really, they all were fantastic!


Mackenzie was on the hair and make-up crew, so she was in charge of the Winkie hair and some of the Munchkins. She prefers to be on stage, but she had a blast and was just happy to be part of the production!


Usually our elementary celebrates Literacy Day by dressing up as a book character. This year, our librarian was celebrating her 25th year on staff, so the kids dressed up in honor of her. In addition, the school collected books to give to a local school to start their own library! Caleb was Waldo, Deacon was Peter from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and Bella was Darth Vader…with a flute, I guess.


Meanwhile, Simmy didn’t want to be left out of all the dress-up fun, so he went off and returned in a head-to-toe Chewbacca costume! Keep in mind, it’s in the 90-degrees these days. (See how we have two fans in one spot?????)


This doesn’t really count as costume stuff, but in PE, I’ve been teaching water polo. (FYI, I’m learning water polo just seconds before teaching it!) The guys are about as inexperienced as I am, so I guess they are pretending to be water polo players, and with those caps, it qualifies as cosplay, right?


I can’t believe it’s already May and that I have a semester of teaching PE under my belt! It’s been really fun and I like this group of rascaly- freshman boys! Our next and last unit is CPR, and you KNOW I’m gonna start it off with The Office clip–perfect for rascal-y freshman boys!


April Stuff

19 Apr

April kind of got away from me! Between teaching, painting my bathroom, training for the marathon relay, dentist/doctor appointments, mom stuff, and well, candy crush, the minutes in the day fill up quickly!

First things first, Caleb got glasses!


Along the same lines, Bella and Mackenzie are both hopping on the braces train! Pictures will be sure to follow!

This is Deacon on his way to church….or a magazine cover.


Mackenzie’s track season just got over. Since we don’t actually have a track at Faith, it’s a little more casual than the other sports. She only practiced once a week or so, so she didn’t see much improvement from last year. But she did tie the middle school record for high jump!


These two love going to the salon. Shampoo, cut, style – p250 ($5)!


Caleb’s class led chapel last week! They were so cute. Oops, Caleb forgot to wear his chapel shirt! It turned out OK because he was Pharoah, and it seems like Pharoah wouldn’t have worn a “In Christ, we do hard things” shirt, right?


The big highlight of the month was a girls night to The Lion King! For our Christmas presents, we all asked for tickets to the musical and we finally got to go a couple of nights ago!

It was down at the super fancy part of Manila. Honestly, if someone flew in, went straight to the hotel, and only hung out in this area, they would totally miss the spirit of Manila- both good and bad! We get plenty of it, so we were more than excited to get dolled up for a fancy evening!


We shared the pre-show specialty at the hotel cafe. It was a few trays full of dainty, two-bite sandwiches etc, scones,  and desserts.



The show was incredible! There was so much talent, from the cast, to the orchestra, to the costume designers, to the choreography, to the percussion guys. Rafiki was especially talented. Every note out of her mouth was perfect! Zazu might have been my favorite.

I had a great time with my girls!




Boracay Stuff

30 Mar

We just returned from our happy place! We spent 5 days on the island of Boracay, enjoying perfect weather, delicious food, and the best part is that we were with friends! Our friends own a residence down there and they invited us to join them for the week. Needless to say, we were all giddy on the flight!


On a unique sidenote, one of our friends was flying the plane! Not only did he deliver us to the island with a great flight, he had the flight attendants hook us up with free food and presents for the kids! I, of course, chose Korean noodles and Coke Light.

After a 45 min flight, we took a van to the jetty port for a 15 min boat ride to Boracay.


Probably the most unique and fun part of the vacation was that my friend is good friends with the manager of the 5-stariest resort on the island, and he let us go hang out there everyday! It was so much fun. They are all about the little things that make your day. Whilst sunbathing, a man will come by with an Evian spray bottle and mist our face while his buddy hands you cucumbers for your eyes and orange slices for your cheeks! On top of that, they are constantly handing us free food!


Meanwhile, the kids are in the hot tub with their own snacks and lemonade!


Eating with my toes in the sand….it’s been a favorite since my childhood!


The first morning, after the Jayhawk win, we headed down the island for my favorite breakfast, The Sunny-Side Cafe. Why they haven’t started a branch in Manila, I’ll never know. This is brioche french toast with mango and chantilly cream with a flat white.


We had two other family friends staying on the island as well, so we all went in on a boat together and sailed to a nearby island for some cliff-jumping!


All of us except Sim and Josh jumped from the various heights ranging from 3M to 10M


This is me going off the 10m highdive.  I screamed the whole way down! The next day, my neck and jaw muscles were sore, so I’m guessing I clenched my jaw pretty hard too!


I only went twice, but the kids just kept jumping and jumping and jumping! They were so tired that night!


Even Caleb was good for a 3 M jump!


Thankfully, we ate at a favorite Indian restaurant where you sit on pillows on the floor, so Sim slept right through dinner!


The highlight of the next day was the authentic Italian restaurant found way off the beach on some back roads. It’s run by this nice Italian man who makes his own ravioli, all from Italian supplies. It really was fantastic!



What is quickly becoming an amazing tradition is the sunset paraw ride!


After that last gorgeous sunset, I realized that we hadn’t taken any family photos yet! So the next day, while we waited for our Jonah’s shakes, we snapped a quick photo. We don’t match, we’re squinting and flashing gang signs (Sim), but it’s a great background, no?


Then it was time for the boat ride back!  Don’t let the smiles fool you, we were not into leaving!


….especially Sim.


After the boat ride, the van ride, the plane ride, and the car ride, he burst into tears when he saw our condo. He wanted to stay at the beach!

…and I don’t blame him!

End of the Quarter Stuff

24 Mar

I just realized that I took mostly videos of any exciting events from school and I uploaded them prior to pulling stills of the videos, so…..a photo is worth a thousand words, so get comfy as I proceed to type out 16,000 words.

Or not.

The highlight of the last week of school was the elementary track and field day. All of the kids do all of the events, so I followed them around while they jumped, ran, and threw. The elementary was divided into three groups and guess what? I had one child in each stage, so I was there all day! At the same time, Mackenzie was in the speech tournament for middle school, so I ducked out to catch her performance. All of these steps and it killed me that my Fitbit died!

All of the kids did great in their different events! Deacon and Bella were among the fastest in the sprinting events, even winning some, Caleb rocked the hurdles and throwing events, and Mackenzie made the finals of her speech tournament!

The worst part of the week was that as a high school teacher, I had to teach a couple extra days while the kids were already on break! That was a new and not-at-all-exciting experience for me! Josh made it all better though, by taking me out for a super date night. I’ve been wanting to go to Sip & Gogh for years, but never had any takers.


So focused!


Here we are with our finished products! It was so fun. I’d go back every week if I could! Josh, not so much. In fact, he ducked out to get a snack while I was so intently brushing every last leaf and branch.


For our first day of break, we went to Splash Island with some friends. Aside from the insane traffic to get there and back, it was perfect! We all had Metrodeals that gave us a $5 entry, and the weather was gorgeous, so it made for a really fun day.

I (graciously, not at all selfishly) offered to guard all the stuff in the bahay kubo while everyone else hit the slides and splash pad.


This is the only pic I have of the fun stuff.


Sim didn’t make it through the day before falling asleep. I love when the kids play so hard that they fall asleep wherever they are.


Me, I could nap like that e’erday!