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Chapel Time!

6 May

This week in elementary chapel, both Deacon and Bella’s classes were sharing songs, scripture, and thoughts that they’ve learned recently.

It’s always precious and special to hear little children singing their hearts to Jesus!

Looking for Deacon? Find the head that is closest to the ceiling – standard operating procedure up in here.


Simeon LOVED the choreography that the students were doing and he did his best to keep up.

In one of their songs, some kids were allowed to rock out during the bridge. Deacon and Seth gave hair bands a run for their money!


They each shared an excerpt from the life and ministry of Paul.


Bella’s class shared next. They memorized a lot of scripture and shared their favorite verse, what it means, and why they love it. They also said the books of the Bible from memory. (Does anyone else have to sing it to remember all of them, or is that just me?)


Do they really only have 3 more weeks until they are in 4th and 2nd grade?!




Bella Turned 9!

24 Nov

….and will turn 10 before I end up posting this! Well, not so much. I am, after all, still in the same month as her birthday, so I consider it a timely success.

Bella turned 9 on 11/11, which was a school day. Not only a school day, they also had a field trip! That week in November is always Filipinana Week, where the kids celebrate the Philippine culture that they live in. The kids always love the activities, the food, and the field trips. Bella took cookies to her class (which I didn’t remember to bake until 9pm the previous night. #momfail.)

That night, she chose to go to Vikings for her birthday celebration. We’re racking up quite the number of posts about birthdays at Vikings. I should give it its own tag!

IMG_8464 IMG_8462 IMG_8467 IMG_8469

After our bellies were uncomfortably full, Bella thought we should double the fun by jumping on the bungee trampoline!


She really wanted to have a big sleepover for her birthday. So we invited all of the girls in her class over that weekend. Josh was coaching a basketball game so it was just me and 11 sweet and loud 3rd grade girls.


I planned some Minute To Win It games for them. In the first one, they had to knock over water bottles around the pool with a ball inside panty hose that were hanging from their head! It was comical. I was keeping time, so I didn’t get many pics.

IMG_8482 IMG_8483

Then the kids had to start with a cookie on their forehead and get it down to their mouth without using their hands.


We also played a marshmallow toss game, where one partner threw marshmallows, and the other had to catch them in a cup. I didn’t get pics because I was Caleb’s partner. He and I only got 3, as he was more interested in tossing the “marshpillows” into his mouth.

After swimming, we came back up to the condo for some pizza. While we waited for it to arrive, the girls did a photo booth that I set up. The pics are hysterical, but alas, I can’t find the cord for the camera. It ok, I’m fairly certain that I can use these for a little friendly blackmail as Bella gets older!

The kids settled in (for 5 minutes) to eat their pizza.



Then it was time for decorate-your-own-cupcake! That was Bella’s choice and I was more than happy to oblige.

IMG_8487 IMG_8488 IMG_8490 IMG_8495

I thought that letting the girls decorate their own would mean that I didn’t have to work hard decorating a cake. But really, I expended the same amount of energy cleaning up millions of sprinkles!

Josh set up the tent in our living room and the girls settled into a movie until they all fell asleep. We all had to get up bright and early for doughnuts before Saturday soccer. It took a loonnngg time to clean up from the party, but I guess that just means it was a success?!


At the Salon

2 Jul

The girls are off to camp in a few days, so we took the opportunity to spruce up their ‘do’s. This was Mackenzie when she sat in the chair…”I just want a trim, just 1/2″! (1 second later) Actually, can I cut it to my chin?” So we compromised and cut off 6″ in the back, with some shorter layers in the front.


Bella loved the entire process. She watched the stylist’s every move, and really loved the shampoo!

IMG_6512 IMG_6513

Here are their finished looks.


The best part? The three of us got shampooed, cut, and style for $10 total!

Open For Business!

29 Jan

We just bought a second-hand Playskool cash register for Simeon, but all 4 older kids started playing with it as soon as I brought it home! They opened a restaurant, and had menus, chefs, and waitresses. It was pretty cute, especially Caleb with his ruffly apron!


Josh ordered, “Bowl of Chocolate Syrup.” Some of the food was real, and the rest was drawn on post-its. I got a chocolate-covered banana, and a post-it chocolate chip cookie.

I’m not sure Sim will ever get to play with it!


Goal Incentives Work Like a Charm!

6 Dec

Both the girls recently picked up the nasty habit of biting their nails! Mackenzie got into it in kindergarten, but we were able to break her of the habit by sending her to school with her fingers wrapped in athletic tape. #noshame. However, she picked it back up in 4th grade or so. Half the time, she doesn’t even realize that she’s doing it! I’m not sure when Bella picked up the habit, but they both have been wanting to get their ears pierced. Badabing, baddaboo, goal incentive! We told them that if they could stop biting their nails, meaning we can see substantial nail growth, they could pierce their ears. Game on!

Bella stopped almost immediately! The girl loves a good competition or challenge, even with herself. So today, after soccer, we headed to the mall to pierce her ears! When I asked how much it was, they said P180! That’s only about $4.00. I was shocked. That’s just for the earrings, and then the piercing is free. It’s still $4.00 more than my mom paid when she pierced my ears with alcohol, ice cubes, and a sewing needle, but this was quick, (almost) painless, and I just had to be the cheerleader.

Here she is picking out her studs.


Marking the spots with a pen.


Ear #1. Bella was nervous, but brave. She just flinched a little bit!


She looks a little more nervous here, now that she knew what to expect.


She said that they were stinging for a little while after the piercing, but within an hour, she was pretty pain-free.



We had McDonalds for lunch, and then Josh went and got these bizarro ice creams for the kids. Its kind of like a Cap’n Crunch-textured churro with ice cream piped into the center. It’s nice for the littles, when the ice cream starts to melt, because it just runs into the little air pockets. They didn’t win me over though. I went to Dairy Queen.


So here’s hoping we’ll have Mackenzie’s ear-piercing post soon!


How is she already 8?!?

14 Nov

Bella turned 8 on 11/11! Not-so-fun fact: Since I grew up in the Philippines, and because there was no Facebook (for non-students) when Bella was born, and also ’cause my brain doesn’t always fire on all cylinders, I didn’t know at the time that she was born on Veteran’s Day! (Not to worry, I figured it out by her 1st birthday.)

Anyway, because my parents came here a few weeks (months? Has it been months?) ago, I was able to bring a bunch of party stuff over with them. She loved browsing the party supply web sites to pick a theme. Just like a wedding dress, she looked at dozens, but went right back to the first one she looked at.


I was hoping that she would choose an ice cream cake from DQ, but she chose a doll cake. I put one cake recipe into a metal bowl, but that wasn’t tall enough, so I had to make another cake in a round pan to stack underneath the dome cake. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this cake stand looks like the bottom of her dress! It was given to my by Josh’s Grammy (who’s birthday was 3 days before Bella’s), so I think about her whenever I use it.


The two cakes still weren’t quite tall enough for Elsa’s permanent tippy-toes, so I had to amputate. I told Bella that we’d buy another Elsa with two in tact lower appendages.

Bella invited all the girls from her class, so we went and picked them all up at school. It’s a good thing we live so close, cause they were sardines!


I made snowflake sugar cookies for the girls to decorate.


I had to feed Simeon, so I didn’t get any pics of the girls, but I saw some of the finished products.



In addition to the cake and cookies, I made jello jigglers (Christoph’s Ice) and candy mold snowflakes. The insulin shots that I threw into their goodie bags came in handy!



IMG_4549 IMG_4551

The girls watched Frozen (with everyone singing and and dancing to “Let it Go.”) Bella got some fun gifts! Crafts, hair stuff, girly fun stuff. She had a wonderful time with her buds.

We all love our Bella so much!



Step aside, Little Debbie

24 Aug

Like I mentioned in my last post, our weekend was nice and empty. Of course, that means that the kids have trouble staying busy, unless they are allowed to have their eyes glued to any screen all day. I’m still mostly in bed, so when Mackenzie asked if she could bake something, I almost jumped in with an automatic “no,” because I wouldn’t be able to help her. But then, I just thought that it would be fun for her to try something all on her own and plus it would give her something to do all afternoon.


Josh helped her turn on the oven, and make sure the mixer was plugged into the right voltage, but other than that, she took the recipe and ran with it! They are delicious! She used the Tollhouse choc-oat cookie recipe. We didn’t have quite enough semi-sweet chocolate chips, so she used a cup of white chocolate chips. The variety is de-lish. She ended up with a lot of cookies, so I’m guessing the kids didn’t eat too much dough during the process. (No more than I eat, anyway!)


I sent Bella into the kitchen with my phone to take a picture of Mackenzie and her goodies. Bella said she had a tummy-ache later on, so may she ate more dough than she should’ve…


So now, not only am I 100 % inactive, I have yummalicious cookies beckoning me all day long.