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Going the Distance

23 Sep

Here we are at 40 weeks! Its crazy to believe that Caleb was already 2 weeks old by now, thanks to induction. However, the other 3 were still 3 days-1 week away from making their appearance. Officially, this is my first of 2 due dates, so there’s a chance that I could still deliver before the 27th, my second due date. Crossing our fingers!


Aside from taking care of the rest of the family and coaching volleyball, I’ve been passing the time with baby sewing projects. I haven’t been able to use my machine, as the power cord mysteriously disappeared while we were in the US. I ordered another off of Amazon, so my parents brought it to me.

This is the same print as Caleb’s baby blanket, (only with different colors),  which is now faded and loved to death. When I showed it to him, his face lit up. But when I asked him which blanket he liked better, he still chose his owned beloved blankey.


This is Caleb’s.

Picture 391

I don’t know which blanket will become THE blanket, but I wanted to make one with ricrac in the edges. This one was fun to make and I love the puppy and chevron prints!


Speaking of Caleb and his most-loved blanket….

I poked my head in to make sure he was napping, and I couldn’t resist taking some pics of him all cuddled up in his bed. He looks so sweet and little. I love this little guy!

IMG_3887 IMG_3888



Feeling crafty

27 Nov

Before we moved back to the Philippines, I saw wooden letters on sale at Hobby Lobby in the cutest font – Curlz. What’s a gal to do? I bought them all up, along with paint and brushes, and a plan! Well, some of the letters didn’t survive the flight over, so then I had to replace them on Etsy, and I think ended up paying more for the 2 replacements than I had for all of the other 12 letters.

But I finally got them all painted and ready to hang up! The wall needed a fresh coat of paint as well, but I didn’t know exactly what shade it was, nor was I interested in figuring it out. So I just found a yellow that I liked and went to work.


I’ve also had Caleb’s wall letters sitting in my crafts-to-do pile since he was a baby, maybe even before he was born! I finally got those done recently too. It is such a great feeling to check things off of my craft list.


Finally, in our Mom2Mom group last week, we made super-hero capes. It was so easy and fun, and Caleb hasn’t taken it off since I brought it home!


We just took old t-shirts and cut up the side and around the collar, leaving it intact. Then we attached fun cut-outs using that awesome iron-on paper that someone sent our group from the US! She also sent all different kinds of fabric (shhhh…no one say anything about how inexpensive we can get fabric here!)

It was hard to decide between the Spiderman, Batman, and multi-hero fabric, but I finally decided on Thor because 1) he’s pretty popular around here and 2) he was the only totally visible guy on the multi-hero fabric. Everyone else had a foot or hand covered up by another hero.

IMG_1162 IMG_1161 IMG_1148

The best part??? I don’t have to re-tie the cape around Caleb’s shoulders every 57 seconds.

I got Deacon the Thor Halloween costume half-off while I was in the US the day after Halloween. It didn’t come with the hammer! What’s up with that? Is it because it’s a weapon? I think that’ll be my next project. I’m thinking broom stick, foam, and duct tape…