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Chapel Time!

6 May

This week in elementary chapel, both Deacon and Bella’s classes were sharing songs, scripture, and thoughts that they’ve learned recently.

It’s always precious and special to hear little children singing their hearts to Jesus!

Looking for Deacon? Find the head that is closest to the ceiling – standard operating procedure up in here.


Simeon LOVED the choreography that the students were doing and he did his best to keep up.

In one of their songs, some kids were allowed to rock out during the bridge. Deacon and Seth gave hair bands a run for their money!


They each shared an excerpt from the life and ministry of Paul.


Bella’s class shared next. They memorized a lot of scripture and shared their favorite verse, what it means, and why they love it. They also said the books of the Bible from memory. (Does anyone else have to sing it to remember all of them, or is that just me?)


Do they really only have 3 more weeks until they are in 4th and 2nd grade?!




Just the 5 of us

20 Dec

Josh and Caleb have been gone all week to Tacloban with a ministry basketball team from Australia. Meanwhile, the kids and I have been wrapping up at school. I have been baking up a storm for the Christmas parties and to make assorted treat boxes for all of the kids teachers. Now that Mackenzie is in middle school, we have twice as many teachers to whom we owe our sanity.

We made them fudge, sugar cookies, pecan tarts, peppermint patties, and cranberry white chocolate cookies. The kids helped with the sugar cookies. I was not very fun at all, what with my quality control standards etc. I kind of blacked out, but I vaguely remember scolding Deacon for putting too many berries on the holly leaf?


Traffic here is horrific all year, but the weeks leading up to Christmas are especially mind blowing. I took Mackenzie and her friends to their first figure skating lesson on Monday. I actually made the 9 mile drive in a smooth 40 minutes. However, when I got to Mega Mall, I had to drive around for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. It was infuriating! I finally just sent the girls up to the skating rink while I drove around and around and around. When I finally got up there, the girls were still waiting to get into the rink, and were being asked what country are they representing! Apparently, there was a speed skating competition coming up and people thought these three American girls were part of the competition. I think that assumption was squashed about .3 seconds after they wobbled onto the ice.

The lesson went great. It was only 30 minutes, so they didn’t learn a whole lot, but they are allowed to skate as long as they want after the lesson, so they practiced and played for another hour or so.

IMG_8896 IMG_8899

Meanwhile, the speed skating team from Taiwan was having their pre-competition shake out skate. They were skating so fast around the rink! I was sure that one of our girls would accidentally trip one and take out the entire team!


It took us about an hour and a half to fight the traffic home. Blech.

A couple of nights later, Mackenzie and the middle school choirs performed at a local mall. Shockingly, it took me only 8 minutes to get there. However, once again, all the parking lots were full, so I just had to drive around and around and around until I found a spot. We ended up missing the 6th grade performance, but caught the all-choir finale! I made the decision to steer clear of malls until 2016! (except we are taking the ministry team to Greenhills on Monday, the week of Christmas!)


Deacon and Bella had their elementary Christmas program on Friday. They did such a good job!


Deacon even had a little solo! At the beginning of the week, he was asking if he could back out of it. I think once they started rehearsing on the big stage, he got spooked. But after a few days of practice, he said he was good to go! He did such a great job! However, the mic was not working properly, so we only got to hear a couple of words of his, “This fruitcake, it weighs a TON!”


After the program, I took the kids to celebrate the end of the semester with a Star Wars matinee. It was so fun! I’m not a Star Wars freak or anything, but I have to say that I got chills when the words started crawling across the screen. I may have even “Woooo”-ed when Han Solo and Chewie came on the screen.


Now the Christmas countdown is on!

Another Birthday for our Big Little Guy!

15 Sep


On Sept. 9, Deacon turned 7 years old! It fell on a Wednesday, so we saved his sleepover party until the weekend. However, he went to school equipped with chocolate cupcakes for everyone in his class!



We also picked up McDonalds and took lunch to him. Those fries can be old and cold as can be, and kids will still love them, especially if they are accompanied by a happy meal toy! After eating, all the kids recruited Josh to take them for a spin on the merry-go-round.

The first photo is before they got going, and the second photo is 100mph!

IMG_7599 IMG_7605

During volleyball practice that afternoon, there was a torrential downpour, and as we were leaving school, I saw two of my players making the most of the weather (as I stood under cover and begged them not to get hurt!)


For Deacon’s birthday meal, I didn’t even have to ask him what he wanted. I knew he would choose runzas, so that’s what we made! For dessert, we hopped in the car and went out for ice cream at McDonalds. They used to have a double-size sundae with caramel in the middle and hot fudge on the top, so that’s what he wanted. However, they don’t sell it anymore, so we just got Deacon one of each kind of sundae. He felt pretty special with a sundae in each hand!

On Friday, we had some of his friends over for a sleepover. We got a late start because I had to coach a game, but we took care of the other team in 3 sets, so it wasn’t too bad and it made for a happy night for me!

We took all the boys to a play place at the mall. They had a blast together!


Simmy was also all smiles all night.

IMG_7648 IMG_7661

Josh was even entertained. I was building something with Bella when I looked over and saw Josh completely captivated by his own game. The inflatable turtle that Sim is standing on in the above pic has a continuous gust of wind coming out. So, it will keep a ball in mid-air at all times. So Josh was trying to throw a ball at the other one, knocking it off the airstream.


After and hour of playing, we headed back home for make-your-own-sundaes. You can tell Deacon likes ice cream sundaes, huh?

We had cookies n cream and chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, caramel “magic shell”, gummy candy, bananas, cherries, chocolate-covered cookie bites, chopped up Crunch bars and KitKats.

IMG_7670 IMG_7669

Josh wanted him to have a candle to blow out, so he lined them up on a banana and we sang to him.


Then the boys settled in to watch The Lego Movie. I went to sleep sometime in there, but I woke up around midnight and I could still hear them talking! Deacon wanted to have a midnight snack (he got to go to McDo at midnight during a sleepover, and he LOVED it.) So Josh packed the boys up and took them to McDo at midnight for happy meals!

When I left at 6am the next morning, they were already awake! I told them that it was too early and to go back to sleep, but I don’t really know if they went. I do know that one of them was taking a nap at home by 10am. Deacon, on the other hand, was running laps around the track during our volleyball games! Must have been that midnight snack….

The 6 – Year – Old TNMT Birthday Party!

16 Sep

On Sunday, we celebrated Deacon’s 6th birthday. He’s been so extremely excited about it ever since he picked out the party supplies online. Since my parents arrived two days after his birthday (and two days before his party) they were able to bring all kinds of fun things.

I decided to make a pinata for the big party. What better activity for a bunch of kindergarten boys than swinging a bamboo stick at a candy-filled turtle?

First, I got the mold ready…(it’s the balloon, if that isn’t clear.)


Then I mixed the paper mache, which I believe was 2 c. flour, 2 c. water, and 1 T salt.


I ended up having to add more water because the mixture was way too thick.


Josh splurged on some Combos, so I then I took a long Combo break.


Then I got my working surface ready. I really should have taken this project to the porch, but it’s cooler in my room and I wanted to watch TV.


The Philippine Inquirer provided all the strips I needed for 3 layers of pinata!


Then I dipped each strip in the goop and ran it between my fingers to drain the excess. I held the balloon between my feet to keep it upright while I wrapped the balloon in strips.


Then I left the first layer to dry. It took a long time with all of our humidity here, but I started enough days in advance that I could add 3 layers and let them sufficiently dry.


On Friday night, my parents arrived! I had a faraway vb game, so just Josh and I went to the airport. We didn’t get home until midnight, but we went ahead and woke up the kids for hugs and kisses (and presents!)


The next night, I got busy decorating the pinata. It was so helpful to have Mackenzie gluing and cutting the green strips for me!



Next, Josh and Mackenzie cut the end of the balloon off.


And it’s finished!!!


On Sunday morning, I had to get busy with the cake and other party prep. I still had some brown fondant leftover from some other birthday party, so I decided to decorate the cake like a turtle shell. I was totally stressed out about out to make a hexagon! Thankfully, no one put the Settlers of Catan game away after our game the night before, so I just grabbed a commodity piece and put it on wax paper over the fondant and voila! SO simple!

IMG_3845 IMG_3848

The party was at 3pm at the school playground. There is a case of hand, foot, and mouth disease going around the elementary school, so a bunch of the little kindergarten boys were fighting it all weekend. Thankfully, most were still able to come to the party!


We had toxic ooze (lime jello), Donny’s bowstaffs (chocolate-covered pretzel rods), and Mikey’s Pizza (cool veggie pizza)

IMG_3853 IMG_3851 IMG_3858

We also had fruit platters, but no fun name to go along with them. They were supposed to be skewered into Leo’s swords, but the kebab sticks that I thought were in my drawer turned out to be my sushi mats!

IMG_3855 IMG_3857

The party blowouts were the one thing that Deacon really really wanted for his party. The boys all loved them!


We partied in the beginnings of a typhoon, so it was hard to get the candles lit in all the wind, but Josh got it done in time to sing to Deacon and let him blow out the candles!



After eating all the turtle power food, the boys were sufficiently energized to have a whack at the pinata! They were so adorable. They each had a few whacks at it, with a few contacts, and then we let the girls have a go at it. Bella brought the pinata down.

IMG_3871 IMG_3873

…and then it was a feeding frenzy!


Finally, we finished up the day with presents. Deacon got great presents from his friends and family! He was very excited about it all, and had a wonderful day! I was exhausted by the end of it all, and hope that all the running around paved the way for his baby brother to arrive soon!



The Life of an MK

6 Sep

Poor little Deacon is having to deal with one of the hard aspects of being an MK. Tonight he had to say goodbye to one of his best friends, who will be on furlough until next school year. Goodbyes are never fun (unless this little guy in my tummy wants to say “hasta la vista” to my uterus, then it’s all good!)

Last night, we had his friend over for one last playdate, and when he went home and Deacon headed to bed, we heard him crying in his bed. When I asked him what was wrong, he could barely talk through his sobs when he said, “I want to play with D—- one more day!” Then he told me that he’d written a song about his buddy. It’s called “D—– has a big trip” and its set to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The last line says, “…and he will have fun there.” He sang it for me and then asked me to sing it to him. Then he went and got D’s picture so that he could sleep with it!!! I’ve never seen him so tender-hearted! I’m sure he won’t love having this written down when he becomes a big, tough, teenager, but I don’t ever want to forget his precious feelings and actions.

Tonight, there was a little going-away party for them at Slappy Cakes. I didn’t know if I should bring Deacon, thinking that it would start the grieving process all over again. But how could I keep him from one last evening with his friend? Deacon was so excited when he saw his buddy.


The thought that has helped Deacon is that D will be back in time for his 7th birthday. Since his 6th is right around the corner, it doesn’t seem like that long until his next birthday.

I like that my kids are experiencing goodbyes from a young age. While they are no fun to do, it keeps one from taking friendships and relationships for granted, and reminds us to be thankful for the moments that we do have with loved ones!

Deacon the Horticulturist

9 May

Deacon and his preschool class just finished a segment on plants, seeds, gardening, etc. One day, he came home with an ingenious project (way to go, Kreative Kim!) where they planted 5 different seeds in each finger of a clear plastic glove. By “plant,” I mean stuck the seed in a damp cotton ball and voila, roots formed!

I wish I had taken a picture of the glove, but to be completely honest, I didn’t think the seeds would ever survive the transfer to a pot. In fact, I didn’t even think they’d survive the drive home from school!

Anyway, inside Deacon’s glove at the time of transfer were two seedlings and three seeds. I had the least faith in the kalabasa (squash/pumpkin) seed because it hadn’t shown any progress. Now…..it’s thriving the most!


These poor plants are in 108 degree weather, so who knows if they’ll survive, but Deacon loves seeing new vines and flowers on this plant each day. In fact, one day one of the blossoms dropped off and he was devastated. He said, “The ants ate my flower!” Thankfully, 6 more blossoms replaced it, so he’s good now.

Also in this pot is cantaloupe, but I’m not sure we’ll get any fruit from either plant because the pot is probably too small.

In the other pot, we have sitaw, a kind of green bean. There is also another plant, but I don’t remember what it is. Maybe carrot? It’s doing pretty well too, on our little condo porch garden!




It’s the Deacon Weekend, (baby I’m about to have me some fun!)

28 Apr

Deacon had his first away-from-the-condos-without-his-sisters sleepover! After basketball games on Saturday morning, Deacon jam-packed 30 hours of straight fun with his buddy, Daniel. They swam all afternoon on Saturday, played on the playground, and were sound asleep by 9:00. Daniel’s mom said the bedtime playing started at 7:30, followed by super-hero talk, and finally silence at 9:00.


They were up nice and early on Sunday, went to church, and then it was Daniel’s Bring-A-Friend to gymnastics day! I wish I could’ve seen it live!


Deacon had a blast the entire time, and conked right out on Sunday night! We’re reciprocating in a couple weeks, so we have to plan some fun stuff to maintain the standard!


On Friday, Mackenzie’s class performed on their recorders at elementary chapel. They were all so cute, and they did awesome! The recorder doesn’t always have the most melodious tone, and with the combination of 20 recorders, I was ready to hear and see dogs howling outside the auditorium. But they sounded terrific and melodic together, and their music teacher should be proud!