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25 Nov

Mackenzie is really in love with her baby brother. She’ll make a beeline over to kiss him on her way from A to B. She holds him whenever she can. She even took such great care of him so that I could take a Sunday afternoon nap. She feeds him, changes his diaper, and plays with him when he’s awake. (And she does it all for free!)


On Saturday, there was a festival at school. Josh was roped into sitting in the dunk tank! The fun thing for the thrower, not so much for Josh, is that the target is extra sensitive, meaning if you throw it hard enough, it can hit anywhere in the general area and send the dunker flying. Josh said that every time he got dunked, which was a LOT, he hit his tailbone on the bottom.


After the festival, Josh had to meet a pastor at the local convenience store, so the kids and I joined along. They have chocolate ice cream cones for P15 ($.30!) They are a great size and delicious, and our entire family can eat yummy empty calories for less than $2!


Tummy time!

IMG_4611 IMG_4610 IMG_4609

Josh and I went on our date night early this week since our usual Thursday is Thanksgiving. Josh was ready for a carnivorous feast, so we went to Viking. The food was good, the ambience not-so-much. They sat us in the birthday celebrant section (it’s free for the celebrant, so there are always a ton of birthday celebrations), so we had to listen to the same birthday songs, tamborine included, the entire time we were there. It reminded me of Chuck E. Cheese.

Anyway, Josh and I don’t usually have much interaction at buffets, as we are both up and about most of the time. But this time, I had a side-date to keep me company. When he fell asleep, the waitress said, “Wow, he’s sleeping through all of this singing. He must like it!” Josh muttered under his breath, “Well, that makes one of us!”


We don’t get liquid coffee creamers here, and the flavored powdered ones are about $6, so it’s no fun to buy those, especially when they aren’t as delicious as the liquid ones. It’s insane that I haven’t looked into making my own until now! Seriously, how many things have I unnecessarily lived without?! It is so easy, cheap, and yummy. This morning I made the Almond Joy recipe. Living in the land of coconut trees, I was able to use coconut cream. It’s delicious, but super sweet, so I think I’ll tweak the recipe next time.


This the web site that I used. I can’t wait to try some more!