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……Street Food……

21 Apr

Last week, we heard that the World Street Food Congress was being held in Manila this week, so we’ve been counting down the days! Living in Asia, we have come across some of the best street food in the world! I think it’s God smiling down on us, saying, “Ok, I know I’ve called you far far away from Chipotle, but here, you can get 15 sticks of delicious meat for the price of one burrito!”

“A feasting festival over 5 days (20-24 April) featuring 24 Street Food Masters from up to 10 countries. You can also catch cooking demonstrations and enjoy live music. So come on down with your friends and families, to support the humble hawkers who are helping to preserve the world’s comfort street food culture.”

Josh and I headed out there for our date night. While it’s been terribly hot and humid recently, once the sun set last night, it was pleasant! Add many much food stalls, super pleasant. Add masses of people, not as much pleasant….but still good, still good. (If you are reading that in a Brian Regan voice, we’re on the same page!)

Anyway, there were long long lines for each stall, but each stall only served one dish, so the lines went quickly. We knew we didn’t want to wait in lines all night, and we wanted to try something new, so we opted for a Malaysian dish.




“Penang Assam Laksa noodle dish in a tangy spicy and savoury laksa broth complete with fresh mackeral or sardine flakes. The sharpness comes from the use of tamarind blended with their family heirloom sambal recipe.  Her laksa has fresh fish flakes sitting in the broth with a dollop of hae ko (sweet prawn paste) . The result, if you have a penchant for sour and spicy stuff, is addictively dangerous for you, especially when some mint leaves sit atop this sour and fiery noodle dish.”

It isn’t something that I ever would’ve tried as a kid, but Josh and I have grown into people who will try anything, and when you trust the pros, you will find the most amazing flavors that you didn’t even know existed!

Needless to say, it was fantastic! So fantastic, in fact, that when we ran into some friends, they got in line for some, and we bought another bowl!


This is what cracked me up…


The offerings from the good ol’ US of A was….churros and bao? I get it. A country that is only 240 years old isn’t going to have quite as unique of a cuisine personality as the countries that are thousands of years old, but there is a saying, and the saying IS NOT, “American as Fried Pumpkin Bao.”

Afterwards, we excited past the line to get in, and it was wrapped all the way around the lot! We were glad that we went when we did. Anyway, we walked over to a place that I’ve wanted to try for years, but I never have because it is right next to one of my favorite restaurants, Wild Flour. They have an insane Salted Chocolate Cake, so I’ve always gotten that for dessert, and never tried the ice cream place next door called the Farmacy, which is actually owned by Wild Flour, so how could it not be awesome?!

It’s got the look of an old-fashioned soda jerk. If you were really quiet, you could hear Archie’s jalopy sputtering down 4th ave in BGC.


Anyway, after a ton of deliberation, Josh and I decided to share the hot fudge sundae, made with dark chocolate cherry, cookie dough, and double chocolate ice cream – HELLO!


The dark chocolate cherry ice cream was phenomenal! It was so rich in both flavors and so SO creamy. The cookie dough was bland, but maybe that’s because of the rich flavor of the chocolate cherry? It had a fat chunk of cookie-dough in it, but we also found that lacking flavor. No worries, the double chocolate followed the chocolate cherry in richness and creaminess. It had flecks of good quality chocolate in it. The toppings were all top notch, but my complaint is that they should be bottomless, no?

It was a terrific night, and totally worth the 20 minutes it took just to exit the parking lot….