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A weekend 4x’s more fun!

1 Sep

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27

Josh and I have been convicted by this verse and want to do what we can to obey God’s command by loving on people, especially widows and orphans. If it were up to Josh, we’d be in the process of adopting 10 kids right now! We haven’t heard anything from a burning bush on that one, so at the moment, we are taking 4 special sisters into our home for the last weekend of each month!

They are so sweet! They are from a home for girls whose parents cannot or have chosen not to properly care for their daughters. They are ages 10, 13, 14, and 17. Josh and the girls went and picked them up on Friday evening and we had dinner, played the Wii, went swimming, and listened to some guitar playing from one of the girls. My girls loved having a few extra roommates.


On Saturday, one of the girls went to basketball practice and the rest of us chilled out at home until she returned. Then we hit the pool for the afternoon.


I made lunch and brought it down to picnic by the pool. Our elevator is broken and I wish we had a Sheldon to make the walks up and down to the 5th floor more entertaining!


Here is Deacon tearing off the edge in a sharks and minnows-type game.


That night, we headed out to the mall. It was payday weekend, so I knew it would be crowded, but it just seemed like nobody stayed home that night. What’s crazy is that every mall is jam packed, and we have a lot of malls! On a 2 mile stretch of one of our major roads, there are 4 huge malls, and each one of them was crawling with shoppers, or rather, people just enjoying the air-conditioning.

We went to a big arcade that has a mini-roller coaster and bumper cars. So while Josh took the big kids on those rides, I took Caleb on some rides that were more his speed.


The girls picked McDonalds for dinner – a kids favorite in any culture!!! However, the cultural differences showed in their ordering. The American children got a Big Mac meal (Mackenzie), a cheeseburger meal (Deacon), and chicken nuggets (Bella and Caleb). The Filipino girls all got Fried Chicken with rice and spaghetti on the side. Josh and I skipped it all and ate at Sbarros!

My baby girl ripping into the biggest burger McDo has to offer!


And because our family shows love with food, we headed to Dairy Queen for dessert! I’m halfway through no-dessert marathon training, so I had a Lychee green tea from the shop next to DQ. It was un-tea-leavable! (see previous post).



This morning was fantastic. Josh “had” to get up for a fantasy football draft at 7am, so he made everyone breakfast while I slept in. I told him that was a habit worth forming!

We took them to church this morning and then to Teriyaki Boy for lunch. Caleb tried using his chopsticks, but it was easier to just shove the sushi roll into his mouth with his hand.


It was so fun to have the girls this weekend! It went too fast. They are so terrific. Their manners are wonderful and they were so thankful for everything that we did! I can’t wait to have them back next month.

Do you use chopsticks at Asian restaurants, or do you ask for spoon and fork?