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The Road Tripping is Over!!!

11 Jun

Our final road trip was concluded with a fun trip to our old stomping grounds! We spent the weekend in Siloam, where we went to college and spent our first year of marriage. JBU has changed so much! There are about 5-6 new buildings since we left. As we drove past our demolished duplex, I screamed, “They are bulldozing my memories!” But that led to a very profound thought, said in a very Braveheart-y tone, “They may take our buildings, but they’ll never take….our memories!”

Anyway, we stayed with some long-time friends who have three girls, two of them being our kids ages, so they all had a blast. They had lots of American Girl dolls, so my girls were in heaven. They carried those dolls everywhere they went, and held them so gently. It was sweet!

They also had a blast out in the yard, playing with the hose and the motorized jeep.

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On our way back to KC, we stopped in to have dinner with some other college friends. They have a bearded lizard, and our animal-lover had a blast with it.


Now we are back home and the kids are living it up with two of their cousins staying here for the week! With the nice-ish weather, they’ve been eating all their meals on the picnic tables outside.I think they love being together and I love seeing all the cousins together!


I have 3 of our 12 bags packed! All of my shoes took up one 50lb bag, so I’m hoping we have enough room for everyone else’s stuff…. =) Some more family roll in this weekend for one last hurrah to World’s of Fun! I want to get most of the packing done, so that I can spent the entire weekend having fun (and playing Dutch Blitz– Michelle, Jeff, Courtney, and Jen-babe.)

What is your favorite amusement park ride???



Reliving the Good Ol’ Days

14 Mar

One reason Josh loves to be in Kansas City in the spring is that he can watch college basketball. The boy loves him some March Madness!

When he was a senior in college, JBU made their first appearance in the NAIA national tournament! Two years later, they won the big dance. This year, they are making yet another appearance, so Josh and Deacon are heading into the city to cheer on the Golden Eagles.


I’d enjoy going with them, but we’re getting ready to road trip up to IN for the women’s NCCAA national tournament, where one of the girls who (whom?) Josh and I both coached for the last three years is playing for the #1 seeded team. So I’m at home doing laundry, packing, and putting together a goodie bag for Grace.

Who is your pick for the NCAA championship???

Having Too Much Fun To Blog

9 Feb

We’ve had a really fun week, beginning with a Super Bowl Party and ending with a visit from my parents!

Last Sunday, we went to the home of some terrific friends from college, Dru and Sofie. We’ve known them since our early years at JBU, had our weddings in the same summer, and had our first babies within a few months of each other, lived close to each other (until we moved to the PI), and Josh and Dru even worked at the same bank for a while, so it’s been really fun to go through all those major life events in the same time table as them.



Their son was born three months before Mackenzie, so they’ve been mandatory buddies for 8 years. I should’ve scanned some pics of their baby days together!



Everything about the party was brilliant! The people were fun, the food was brilliant, the commercials were fun, and you know…there was a game. Football, I think.


I was going to take this post all the way through my folks visit, but I just realized there are a bunch of photos to go through, and I guess my family needs to eat some supper.

What is your favorite Super Bowl munchie???