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He Still Gets Me!

11 Nov

Last night was the Fall Season Awards ceremony. I always dislike it because I have to dig up all of the things I learned in Public Speaking and try to NOT look like an idiot as I talk in front of a bunch of people.

But last night was terrific! Josh coached the JV volleyball team this year, so he presented his awards first. We all thought it was so sweet that he gave each of his players 2 roses. My players all turned around and said, “Coach, you never gave us flowers!”


Anyway, when he was finished, the girls all came over to me and each gave me one of their roses! Meanwhile, up on the projector, the question, “Val, will you go to the banquet with me?” popped up. It brought back memories of our engagement! I thought it was just a joke, because all of the students are getting dates to the banquet right about now, but they really asked Josh if we will chaperon the banquet, so I’m excited! It’s at one of our favorite restaurants, so woo-hoo!

Sometime between when I graduated from here and when we moved here in 2005, the asking-to-banquets have become as memorable as marriage proposals!!! It’s really fun, but really sets the bar high for these girls’ future marriage proposal. They’ll be at a romantic dinner and a diamond ring will be at the bottom of a champagne flute and instead of thinking, “Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!”, they’ll be thinking, “Well, when so-and-so asked me to the banquet, he took me for a sunset boat ride around Manila bay and had a dolphin swim up to me with the ring on his nose. Meanwhile, a flock of doves spelled out “Banquet?” in the shadow of the Bat Signal in the sky.”

Ok, that didn’t really happen, but the banquet-asking is fun around here. Even last night at the ceremony, one of my players got asked by a soccer player in front of everyone. He had each of the guys on his team hold up a sign, spelling out, “Sarah, will you go to the banquet with me?”

ANYWAY, I said “yes.” Josh said, “phew.”


The Eye of the Tiger

24 Sep

Deacon is learning circles and squares in preschool on M, W, and Th, but on T and F, it’s all about the Octagon! Deacon and Josh are in the their third or fourth week of mixed martial arts training. They are specializing in Muay Thai, which Wikipedia say is this:

Muay Thai (Thai: มวยไทย, RTGS: Muai Thai, IPA: [mūɛj tʰāj]) is a combat sport from the muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.[1][2][3][4] This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on foot is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fight very efficient.

Josh and Deacon don’t have any “full-contact fights” in the near future, but it’s a great workout for Josh and it burns off some energy for Deacon and helps develop his hand-feet coordination (or all “eight limbs” coordination I guess.) If anything, he could end up being an extra in the next Bloodsport installment.

I came to pick them up the other day, so I caught the last few minutes of their workout.

IMG_4698 IMG_4704

Like all of us, Deacon especially just likes to wail on the big bag.


This is Josh and his instructor.


After his workout, the instructor stretches him all out. I wish I had a personal stretcher after my runs!



My AP English training tells me that I need a good concluding statement or paragraph, but I can’t think of anything, and since no one is grading me on this post, here it is:

I’m done.


Anniversary getaway!

23 Sep

Since we were at a wedding on our actual anniversary, we wanted to wait for a free weekend to do it up right! Josh had won a free hotel night, so this last weekend, we were able to get away together. It was so fun, relaxing, and wonderful to be together. I love that it started with just the two of us, and now we have this amazing family, and when they have families of their own, it’ll be back to just the two of us.  I find it exciting and look forward to being sweet old couple with my Josh. I’d like to think that we’d be that adorable elderly couple sitting on a park bench, holding hands. But in reality, I see us sitting in recliners, eating Oishi salt-n-vinegar Cracklings and playing the 3958 level in Candy Crush.

I didn’t take many pictures (of things besides food, that is), but I was excited to use the new Vera Bradley bag that my mom got me for my birthday! It’s called a “weekender.” Doesn’t that just sound like a fun time? I made sure I just tossed it casually into the back seat, put my sunglasses on, and zoomed off, as I’m sure you’re supposed to do when you have a weekender. (Only I’m sure it is supposed to be a convertible instead of a mini-van, but whatev.)


This is the only pic of us that I took, headed off to dinner together. The ginorm smile is because I had a 24-hour break from my 18-week sweets fast!!! I do believe I made up for the last 10 weeks…with a vengeance.


But first, I need to mention the cheese room! While we were in the US, our favorite hotel buffet upgraded from a table of about 10 cheeses to an entirely climate-controlled room of about 20 cheeses, along with other antipasto treasures. It was amazing! I feasted on my favorites and tried any new ones. If I could’ve slept in there, I would’ve.


We both feasted on prime rib, lamb, indian cuisine, sushi,…and repeat.

I loved the dessert set-up! There was a table of open luggage and apothecary (or library card catalog) storage, and in each compartment, there was a sampling of candy, truffles, and chocolate. I loved it! I wished I had brought a ziplock bag to bring the kids some of the candy. oooh, I’m closer to old-ladyhood than I thought!

IMG_0394 IMG_0393

This was my dessert plate….#1. I didn’t get a picture of #2…or #3… or the bowl of ice cream.


That night, we just hung out on our porch together. There was a typhoon beginning to blow in (and it’s still here two days later,) so it was pretty windy. There was a fun skyline to look at, but of course, my little iphone camera can’t capture all the brilliance of it.


While we weren’t at all hungry the next morning, the buffet was included with our room, so we dug in and muscled through the full tummy feeling.

As you can see on the top right plate, I hit the cheese room again, along with the pastry table. It was all delicious, and even though I ran a total of 21 miles this weekend, I think I stored up enough calories to carry me through a winter of hibernation.

IMG_0400 IMG_0401


Instead of heading straight home after check-out, we headed to a nearby mall for a movie, new shoes, and dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Good Mexican food is hard to find here, so when we heard that our favorite Greek restaurant owner had a Mexican place, we needed to scope it out. It was good timing too, because they are shutting down next week!!! I guess it didn’t take off, but we liked it and are sad that its closing up shop. Boo.

When we got home, we loved seeing a “Welcome Hom” sign from Bella and big hugs from all the others. Caleb was so excited to see us, he couldn’t contain himself. He just kept jumping up and down and screaming. It makes a gal feel good.


Soft cheese or hard cheese?



The King of Kansas

1 Dec

My eyes are getting weary.
My back is getting tight.
I’m sitting here in traffic on the Queensboro Bridge tonight.
But I don’t care cause all I want to do
Is cash my check and drive right home to you.
Cause Baby, all my life,
I will be driving home to you.


Quick, name a company who might need some extra help during the holiday season!

Josh’s brother works for UPS and told Josh that they hire short-term people during the holidays. Josh gave them a call, interviewed, grabbed the sexy brown uniform and went to work delivering Christmas cheer, one package at a time.


It’s the perfect opportunity! If he’s busy with mission/furlough work, he can just opt out of the UPS deal that day. On top of the flexible time, extra scratch, and did I mention the sexy uniform? Yeah, on top of all that, he gets to spend the day with his brother! So fun.

What great package is getting delivered at your door in the near future?