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MS Friendship Week!

8 Sep

Friendship Week is in full swing in the middle school! It’s Spirit Week for the pre-teens. I remember a few awesome and a few tragic Friendship Week costumes in my day…

Anyway, the first day was Food Day, so Mackenzie decided to be a s’more. This is what it looks like, as I’ve come to realize that folks outside of North America don’t usually know what a s’more is. What a sad, sad, existence.


Here’s the human version. She said that people thought she was an ice cream sandwich. Both winners in my book!


Today is 80’s day. Era-costumes don’t get much more fun than the 80’s. Nowadays, they don’t get much easier either! There are is much neon clothing going around, and that’s just in MY closet! We dusted off the old bottle of hairspray and went to town. She wore my blue eye shadow, and my biggest pair of earrings. As I was putting orange color chalk in her hair, she asked, “Did you wear all of this in the 80’s?” I laughed and said, “No, I was in elementary school!” But then thought to myself, “But I would’ve LOVED to wear all this in the 80’s!” She bought a colorful pair of Nike hightops in Australia last year, so they were perfect, along with her pink leg warmers. Finally, she wore a pair of (Jones New York) neon yellow shorts that we just bought a few months ago. She was one pair of fingerless gloves short of being perfectly dressed as a back-up singer for Tiffany! (PS: I saw fingerless gloves at the Japanese “dollar store” a few days ago….regret.)


Stay tuned for the rest of her costumes!


Caleb has found his special spot to work on his Phonics apps. He tucks himself in between pillows and calls it his desk.


Over the weekend…

I didn’t have any vb games, but Josh had to coach the ms team and the JV team. So we all went to cheer them on. The varsity boys team was also playing, so the kids and I sat in between courts so we could cheer them all on. Bella gave me all kinds of lovely hairstyles while we watched.


The next day, I was out at the pool while the kids swam. At one point, I laid my head back and looked up to see one of my favorite views in the world. A green palm tree on a bright blue sky. Sometimes, it’s difficult to live here, but sometimes, it’s oh-so-easy. I just have to remember to look up! Palm trees = paradise and I have a bunch in my backyard!