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30 Mar

My parents are safe and sound back in NJ. We had a wonderful last few days together! Since they left at noon on Friday, we were able to stay in a downtown Manila hotel (near the airport) the night before. It was a blast, with much swimming and buffet-ing together.

While my dad was in Samar during those last few days, we did some special Grandma-things.

We went to the Taytay fabric market to find the pieces for Mackenzie’s 10-year-old quilt. I think Mackenzie wasn’t really into the idea at first, because she didn’t really know what was going on. But once she picked her first piece, she had a blast hunting through all the bolts to find matching pieces! Plus, it’s about $1/yard, so sky’s the limit!

IMG_2782 IMG_2783

They had so many cute baby fabrics, and that got me really excited about sewing for baby again! The two bottom pieces are leftover from the baby blanket that Caleb doesn’t want to live without. So when I showed him the top piece, which is the same print but with different colors, he grabbed it and didn’t let go until I made him, which unleashed the stereotype that toddlers oh-so-lovingly have.


Grandma is also known for her fantastic pies! So even though it was 100 degrees out, she got busy with the girls, peeling apples and cutting pastry. The rest of us relaxed in front of fans, but were still able to dive into the apple pie, which may have been seasoned with a few drops of sweat…




Mr. Bojangles has been with us for over 11 years now, so he’s been part of each and every pregnancy and new baby.  The crazy thing is that every time I’m pregnant, he lays across my stomach any chance he gets! It’s really sweet. I remember that when I was in early labor with Mackenzie, I laid him against my back because his warmth made me more comfortable. We love this sweet little guy who was our first baby!

IMG_2604 IMG_2602


I snapped these pictures during Josh’s Sunday afternoon nap. Look, he’s holding Bo’s paw between his thumb and forefinger!!! So sweet!

IMG_2780 IMG_2779