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Simeon’s Birthday Part 2

11 Oct

We finished Simeon’s week of birthday festivities! I have been sick for about a week now, so we decided to buy a Dairy Queen ice cream cake rather than cough and sneeze all over the frosting while I try to decorate it. Sick or not, that’s always a good decision!

Whoops! The DQ pesonnel fogot an impotent lette. (See what I did there?)


Simeon was quite intrigued with his ice cream cake!


We got him his own tablet, courtesy of Leap Frog. When we’re trying to fall asleep at night, I’ll randomly hear it start singing ABC’s.


He’s been into those Mickey ears for the last few days. This photo was taken after he pulled the string as far as it would go, and then snapped it back on his little chin. He was startled and sad that they Mickey ears would attack him like that! (Don’t worry, I snuggled him before I took pics!)


OK – Onto the Chicago weekend posts!

Simeon’s Birthday Part 1:

4 Oct

(We haven’t completed Part 2 yet!)

On Sept 28, our sweet little bunso turned 2! Josh was still in the Philippines, so we didn’t want to celebrate until he got home. However, Nana had some presents for him, so we let him open them that evening. We even sang to him, and it was fun to see the wheels turning in his head as he figured out what was happening.

He had some great reactions, but I never really captured one because he was usually jumping up and down or swinging around.

Since then, a bunch of us have been sick, so one of these days, we’ll get around to eating some birthday cake and giving Simmy our presents! Thankfully, he’s only two and has no idea….until he’s older and reads this post. We’d better make sure that he is secure in his youngest child role by the time that day rolls around!

That night, he had a little cuddle with the girls before bedtime. Bella was having a sleepover in Kenzie’s room and they both wanted Sim to sleep with them, but I’m not ready to give up the crib just yet!


Here is our big 2-year-old in his leisure jammies. He had stripped down to his diaper 5 min later…



20 Apr

We had to take a nice leisurely trip to immigration this week. We could’ve filed the paperwork at the immigration office a few miles away, but we thought it would be more fun and adventurous to miss the deadline and be forced to take taxis, trains, and trikes down to Dante’s 5th circle of Hell.

Speaking of Dante’s Inferno, we’ve had real feel temps of 120+ this summer! So just when we thought the train would be a leisurely and cool ride downtown, the AC was broken on the train. I had to snap a photo of this couple. They cracked me up, all snuggly, sleeping, and aiming a hand held electric fan on their faces.


We got to the Bureau around 11:30, and were directed up to the correct office, where they began filing our paperwork….until noon. Apparently, these extroverted immigration officers have to eat lunch all together, so they told us to come back at 12:30. Really? They can’t stagger lunches so that work can continue? Isn’t that why they invented soap operas? So that we can have a quiet lunch break to ourselves, living vicariously through beautiful, amnesic, evil-twins?

I wanted to show the immigration officer this sign in THEIR very lobby, but the last thing you want to do is tick off the guy who makes it possible for us to live here. (So hopefully, he won’t come across this blog!)


Personally, I think Josh purposefully worked it all out this way so that we could go to this phenomenal little dumpling place in Chinatown by the train station. One of his basketball players’ parents planted a church in the area, so they took the basketball team there after a game. Josh fell in love and wanted to take me. It was delicious and so cheap, although not as cheap as Taiwan!

They also sell frozen dumplings and this is them responding to Josh’s order. “You want HOW many, sir?”


That night, I went to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with some girlfriends, and when I got home, Simmy heard me and woke up. Naturally, I got him up to play with me for a while! He was super cuddly and I couldn’t get enough!!


Those squishy cheeks!!!

What’s His Name?

1 Apr

Our family is all about nicknames, which makes us perfect residents for the Philippines, where people rarely go by their given name.

Simeon has been with us for 19 wonderful months, and here is the list of monikers that he is known by.

  • “Simmy”  – We call him this 99% of the time, and I don’t even like it!
  • “Simmy” is usually upgraded to “Simmy Badooka” and I have NO IDEA where that came from!
  • “Simma-limma-ding-dong”
  • ….which Caleb turned into “Simmy’s little ding dong.” All kinds of inappropriate.
  • Deacon calls him “Chub chub”
  • ….which Caleb turned into “Chubba ding dong.”
  • “Simothy”
  • “Sim Sim” or “Sim Slam”
  • …and last but not least, SOMEONE periodically tries to revive “Jedi.” But it is still without a reply.

Ice Skating

28 Jan

Mackenzie is in the middle of her figure skating lessons that Grandma and Grandpa got her for Christmas. She really loves it and is always trying to do the next skill. It’s fun to see that inner motivation! She and her two friends doing the lessons with her are looking more and more comfortable on the ice each week!


This week, I had a Metrodeal (like Groupon) for the skating rink, so I brought Bella and one of her friends to skate as well. They all had so much fun together. If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “Mommy, watch this!”, I could buy my own skating rink and zamboni.IMG_9334

IMG_9336Another highlight this last week was Josh’s high school team winning their tournament!

(Sidenote: You know what I’m starting to notice and not appreciate about coaching?  Each season, I’m a year older, but the girls are still just 16-18. When I first started coaching, I was just 7 years older than the seniors. Now, I’m 17 years older!)


Simmy was their #1 fan!



Winter Swim

22 Jan

Back in my 20’s, the sun was that “bad-influence, popular friend who treated you badly, but you kept coming back for more” kind of friend to me. My friend, Michele, and I would take our toddlers and babies out, covered in 50+spf, while we sizzled in the sun.

Around 30, I realized that when I would come in from the sun, I no longer had that bronzed, instagram-filtered look, but rather, I looked aged and leathery. So that was it. I gave my life over to sunscreen, shade, and sunless tanner.

So I kind of got out of the habit of taking the littles to the pool. But yesterday was a warm one and I was a sweaty, hot mess after T25, so I took Caleb and Simmy swimming. It was so fun and reminded me of when I took Mackenzie and Bella swimming at the same ages!


I was trying to get Sim’s attention to take his pic when this little photobomber hopped into the frame.


My little seal, soaking up the warmth from the rocks.



No thanks

14 Jan

Last night, we were eating red beans and rice with sausage, and Simeon wasn’t into it. He was much more into the reaction of his family when he made this face…


This video shows the interaction even better as he looks to each person and tries to maintain his “no” face.

A Year Ago….

29 Sep

In a matter of hours my thoughts went from:

“Can we PLEASE get this labor going?”


“I’m so nervous that the two loops of umbilical cord will do something awful to him!”


“Eve, curse you and your stupid piece of fruit! Really?! Fruit? A temptation?”


“Ahhhh, epidural. You had me at hello”


“Thank God it’s time to push!”


“Oh no! I can’t do this! I know I’ve done this 4 times before, but I can’t do it this time.”


“It’s over! I did it and its over!”


“He’s here and he’s perfect and he’s huge!”


Since then, MOST moments have been wonderful! We weren’t planning on having a 5th baby, but it wasn’t until we had him that we realized how incomplete our family would be without him! Simeon is the perfect little caboose for this family train.

At 1 year:

  • He’s walking! (I have a video, but youtube doesn’t want to upload and I don’t have the focus to troubleshoot right now). As soon as he took one step, he took off and hasn’t looked back!
  • His first word is the same as all of his sibs – “Bo.” As soon as he sees Bo, he points and exhales his name more than he speaks it. He also says “Mama” and “Dada.”
  • He’s sleeping in our little foyer/alcove. Living in a condo, we have two doors to the only hallway. We only use the “back” door that opens to the kitchen because it’s the first door one would come to as they step off the elevator. Therefore, our “front” door is useless. Simeon hasn’t done well sleeping in the same room as anyone, so we made a little room for him in the foyer. It’s totally lame, but totally works!
  • He claps, he waves, he signs (kind of) “more” and “please”. Mostly, he shouts when he wants something.
  • He’s a great eater. He loves calabasa (squash) and carrots, which has given him an orange complexion. He doesn’t like green beans. He’s been eating a lot of yogurt as he and I are fighting thrush. He snacks on Cheerios, so we’re dreading the moment when that box is empty, because we can’t replace it here!
  • His sibs love him more than anything! They play with him in the morning before school, (which has made us late to school, causing Mackenzie to get her first detention! oops!) They all want to sit by him in the car, which has caused us to create a seating chart cycle. They like to give him baths and take baths with him, which Josh and I love! We don’t have to bathe him and everyone gets clean! The bathroom gets drenched, but it’s a small price to pay.

So, on his birthday, I had late vb practice, so we just did half of his celebration. We’ll go to a fun place as a family later on when we have more time. I made a t-shirt cake for him this year. It’s a cake pan that we’ve had since I was in my teens!


As we were singing to him, he was oblivious to the celebration and just wanted to grab the candle.


He tried the icing, and spit it out. Then he tried the cake, and spit it out. I find it disturbing.


IMG_7834 IMG_7837

After cake, he opened some presents. His sibs were way more into the presents than he was! They wanted to open them, help him open them, help each other open them, and so on and so forth.


He just wanted to eat them. It’s weird, right? He wanted to play with the cake, and put the presents in his mouth.

IMG_7842 IMG_7857


Happy Birthday Simmy! Thanks for being such an adorable and lovable little baby and we look forward to your adorable and lovable days to come!

Phone dump

22 Jul

Mommy’s been doing some medicine ball work, so of course that means the kiddos want to do medicine ball work!

IMG_6697 IMG_6698IMG_6699

Human furniture is soooo underrated.

IMG_6800 IMG_6806

Simmy faces! He’s at that age where he lunges for the camera/phone as soon as he sees it pointed at him.

IMG_6704 IMG_6703 IMG_6702

I guess I should do a Simeon update! Let’s see….

-he’s standing on his own

-starting to creep along the furniture

– could skate along to an Indy 500 win if they allowed baby walkers

– He loves his veggies.

– He really LOVES his bananas, but we had a constipation issue a couple of weeks ago, so we laid off the bananas and he seems to be doing better. (On that constipation note: he was screaming and pushing, so I sat him on the toilet in the ideal position for that sort of thing, and he went! Two different times! If it weren’t for the crying and straining, I don’t think there’d be anything cuter than a chubby 10-month-old baby sitting on a huge toilet. You know I’d have some pics if my hands weren’t busy holding him!)

– He does lots of babbling. The other day, we were talking about bubbles, and at three separate moments, he said, “Ba-ba” right after we said “Bubble.” The timing was too perfect for it to just be coincidence!

– I don’t have any growth specifics right now. He’s big. He’s tall. His head circumference is some measurement. He’s healthy!

– He’s got a great smile that is easy to instigate! We’re all excited for even more interaction as he gets older.


Condo Version of a Porch Swing

21 Jun

Now that Simeon is into EVERYTHING, I’m so thankful for this swing that keeps him happily in one place.


He really loves it and spends quite a long time, in baby-time, in it. Its right next to my scrapbooking table, so I’ve actually been able to put a page or two together at a time without worry about what he’s getting in to. (PS: His favorites are appliance cords, remotes, and cell phones!)

On a completely unrelated note, rainy season is here!!!! I know because, well, it rains everyday. But also because my butter can  hold its shape at room temperature, and also because we have already had to bring out the buckets for our leaks. ugh. Oh well, leaks mean rain, which also means cooler weather!