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Wrapping Up

19 May

I can’t believe another school year is in the books! I REALLY can’t believe that Mackenzie will be in middle school next year! Do I really only have 7 more years with her in the house? I felt like the years ticked off ever so slowly when I was a kid, and now the years are whizzing by in a blaze of glory. (Who isn’t singing Bon Jovi now?)

Mackenzie’s class had their very own color run to celebrate the end of the school year. She loved it. She still has green highlights in her hair. We had family pics taken that afternoon by an MK-turned-professional-photographer, and if she can make Mackenzie look more like Bruce Banner and less like the Hulk, I’ll be indebted to her for life!IMG_5953

Also kicking off the last days of school is Literacy Day. Each student gets to dress up as a character from a book and give a presentation of that book. Bella and her red-haired friend wanted to be Anne and Diana from Anne of Green Gables, but they hadn’t read the book, so no dice this year. Maybe in 5th grade when they finally see each other again!

Anyway, Deacon was Fly Guy. Bella was Thea Stilton. Mackenzie was….I’ve asked her a million times, but can’t ever remember…some character from The Land of Stories. I love my little bookworms.


As is the case every year at this time, we avoid melting by hanging out in the pool. When a friend of mine posted that she was selling this baby swim ring, I thought it was a joke! Aren’t we supposed to avoid putting things around baby’s necks? But then I checked out the web site (www.swimava.com) and saw that it is the real-deal! So I snatched it up, just to at least get a picture. Simmy loves it! He’ll hang out all day in the pool, just bobbing along, with his little head popped out of the water. It still makes me laugh.

IMG_5975 IMG_5970


Caleb is also about ready to lose the floaties! He can swim from the stairs to the other side of the pool, but would still rather have floaties on so he can keep up with all of the games his sibs are playing.

IMG_5981 IMG_5987

In other summer news, my friend has two mango trees in her yard, and thinks that they harvested 700-800 mangoes! She sold them for p50/dozen, which is about a $1. Even at the market, we would have to pay p50/3 pcs, so I snatched up 5 dozen. We’ve been chowing on mangoes, making mango shakes, and freezing the fruit for whatever. Josh’s mom arrives next week, so we’re going to bombard her with mangoes!


Swim Club

3 Mar

The girls have swim club twice a week, taught graciously and voluntarily by one of my good friends. I usually don’t watch them because of naps, feedings, errands, etc., but yesterday it worked out for me to stick around. I also brought Caleb and Deacon so they could play while the girls worked out.

Mackenzie was ready for club a little early, so she played with Caleb in the little pool for a while.


Deacon has explosive leg muscles that catapult him right out of the water to dunk the ball! (wink)


The girls were working on explosive dives to give them an extra edge when they are racing. Mackenzie was really springing off the edge of the pool and getting good distance ! (says the mom who swimming knowledge doesn’t extend past the flailing scenes in JAWS movies.)



Bella gets her dives correct about 70% of the time. I was able to snap one from the other 30%. We both crack up at this picture and agree that this looks like her Buddy-the-Elf-going-up-the-escalator-dive.


This one was much better! I couldn’t dive properly until I was ten, so I think she’s in great shape!


Deacon waited (not-so) patiently for swim club to get over so that he could jump off the diving board. This diving board is the reason why the kids always want to pack up and go swimming at school instead of riding the elevator down to our back yard pool!IMG_5343

Hot season is just around the corner, which means daily swimming in our family. We like to head out there after supper and get all cooled off for the night. It’s also the season when our kids have all learned to swim, so Caleb’s on deck to lose the floaties!

Pool Time!

6 Feb

Alas, our own “equatorial polar vortex,” as my friend put it, has come to a close. Jan 31 – high of 82. Feb 1 – high of 90, with no looking back! It was a good run while it lasted. It was a great run.

But with the warmer weather comes the hours of fun that the pool provides! We are very thankful for our condo pool. It’s so great for burning off energy without tearing the house apart. However, at least one of my kids cuts some part of their body on the broken tiles every time we swim! It’s becoming ridiculous. I don’t even think we can have another birthday party out there, because I can’t be sending them all home with cuts all over their bodies!

Management has been proactive by posting this sign. (She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm)


But no matter, our kids love swimming so much that they endure the personal torture in exchange for laughter and coolness.

IMG_2381 IMG_2382

Even when they aren’t swimming, they have a blast running around and exploring.

IMG_2385 IMG_2384

Look what Bella found a few weeks ago.


Isn’t that so fun? There are two little pineapples growing near the pool!

Synchronized Flippers

25 Jul

The kids are having a blast being back in the pool every day! Deacon has remembered how to swim, so it’s fun to watch him tuck those knees in for a cannonball. He and Seth love to play together in the pool. They love pretending. The other day, my ears perked up when I heard Deacon point at Caleb and say, “Let’s pretend he’s our baby.” I was like, “What? Boys don’t really play house, do they?” But then Deacon added, “He’s our Spiderman baby!!!!” and spit an imaginary web out towards Caleb. That sounds more like it. It’s all about superheroes for Deacon and Seth. Deacon loves Hulk, but any superhero will do.

Anyway, the other day, Bella and Olivia, each with a Barbie in hand, were running and flipping into the pool. It’s pretty fun to watch them flip into the pool and come up giggling together.






We have less than week left of summer break! I love summer break, but I also love it when school starts again. One of these days, I need to get the older three outfitted in their school uniforms again. Goodbye, adorable patterns and colors. Hello, blue, khaki and white, same-as-the-other-500-people-in-school. I definitely don’t mind the uniforms. In fact, it makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. I just like to see my kids in their cute outfits.


What pool trick can you do???