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Medieval Festival

17 Feb

This weekend, the school put on this fantastic festival! We all had a blast. It didn’t start until 3pm, so the sun was on it’s way out, plus it was cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and windy. That perfect combo made it downright chilly! My phone said it was 82, but I was wrapped up in a fleece blanket while we walked around.

There were all kinds of attractions, which means food stands as much as it does games and entertainment. There was an imported soda stand, so we started off the day with some Cherry Coke and Cream Soda. Then the kids all got their own cotton candy! Cotton candy is one of those things that you love to see your kids reaction the first time they try it. (This wasn’t one of those times.)


Deacon and Bella frequented the snow cone stand, while Josh and I hit Infinitea. It’s not as much favorite as Serenitea, but it’s still good….it’s still good. I had an almond milk tea with sago balls in it.


Yes, Bella is growing out her bangs…

They also had a jousting bounce house. Mackenzie and her friend Abby went at it with a vengeance.


Josh and Bella also went a few rounds. Bella had the crowd around her laughing so hard because she would put everything into her swings at Josh, but she’d bounce right off him.


Caleb also had his own bounce house. I gotta get one of these…


When the sun set at 6:15, they showed Brave on the soccer field. It was perfect! We were all snuggled on and under blankets. We all pretty much used Josh as a pillow, so I don’t know how comfortable it was for him!

This picture doesn’t capture the cuteness, but I looked over and saw Bella and her friend (a boy!) both leaning away from their families and towards each other so that they could chat during the movie. I thought it was adorable, but Josh wasn’t thrilled. =)




I just realized that I never posted about Valentine’s Day! We had a great low-key day, which is just what we were going for. We stay far away from any restaurants or malls on V-day, because every.one. in the city is out.

Valentines Day was also the last day of International Week. I volunteered to make something for Mackenzie’s South American class party. Her teacher sent me the recipe for some kind of coconut bon bon. I can’t remember the name because it was in Spanish. They were pretty yummy, and similar to a macaroon.

We had these cupcake decorations, so I figured we could put them to good use with the bon bons.


That night, Josh went to work making a HUGE meal for us! He cooked the prime rib roast that we brought back from Australia. He also made baked potatoes, stir-fried veggies, salad, caprese salad, and bread. It was a ginormous meal that we couldn’t even make a dent in. Thankfully…leftovers!

Caleb was all about the caprese (tomato slice, topped with mozzerella and pesto or basil). He kept sneaking slices when we weren’t looking!


This is the sweet Valentine that Bella brought home. It’s decorated with dyed and crumbled egg shells. I want to keep it, but I have little bits of egg shell all over my room now!


I don’t remember why I took this picture, but I think I was so happy that the boys were playing with their Imaginext Batman toys for like an hour straight! I love seeing them play together, especially when their isn’t an electronic in sight!